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From: MILLIKEN DAMION A <u9467882@***.EDU.AU>
Subject: Re: Adepts & Combat Mages
Date: Wed, 7 Sep 1994 20:22:33 +1000
> I've read the SR II book thru a few times and still don't understand something
> about Adepts. With some of the pregenerate characters with magic they can only
> pick one area like combat or are they adepts or was that
> done to speed up the process of choosing a character? Just wondering cuz I
> wanted to make a combat mage and would rather keep the A slot and sacrifice
> a few abilities and be an adept if I'm still able to cast any spell I pick.

Well, if you want a combat mage and don't want to put your A on magic, then
a sorcery adept is just what you want. They can cast all spells, but thats
it, they cannot enter the astral, nor can they summon spirits. They can use
foci associated with their spells though. Or you perhaps might choose an
shamanic adept, or even an elemental adept (anybody tried these?). As for
the choices of spells on the books combat mage - hang on, it doesn't have
any - you get all the spells listed, its only the former wage mage, street
mage/shaman and shaman who have suggested spells. Even then, as long as your
GM allows it, you can choose any types of spells that you like. A magician
with A on magic can cast any types of spells he likes, it's only the adepts
who have limitations. The orientations in the book are only suggested spell
groups which would be probable for the archetype.

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