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Message no. 1
From: The Deb Decker <RJR96326@****.UTULSA.EDU>
Subject: Contact/Archtype List
Date: Mon, 20 Sep 1993 00:47:04 -0500
I realize most of you probably have the books memorized by now (which would
explain this irrational craving for EarthDawn; you are in search of yet another
set of tomes with which to exercise your mnemonic powers) but decided to post
it anyway. I typed this up on the vax because one of my players took (literally)
every contact in the books. Did I miss any?

J Roberson


Bodyguard S49
Combat Mage S50
Decker S51
Detective S52
Dwarf Mercenary S53
Elven Decker S54
Company Man S55
Former Wage Mage S56
Gang Member S57
Mercenary S58
Rigger S59
Shaman S60
Street Mage S61
Street Samurai S62
Street Shaman S63
Tribesman S64

Burned Out Mage C03
Former Mage Detective C04
Dwarf Street Samurai C05
Former Military Officer (low-grade) C06
Elf Street Samurai C07
Former Tribal Warrior C08
Former Troll Bounty Hunter C09
Ork Street Samurai C10
Ork Mercenary C11
Rocker C12
Troll Street Samurai C13


Bartender S203
Bounty Hunter S203
City Official S204
Company Man S204
Corp Guard S205
Corp Secretary S205
Dwarf Technician S206
Elven Hitman S206
Fixer S207
Gang Boss S207
Humanis Policlub Member S208
Mechanic S208
Media Producer S209
Metahuman Rights Activist S209
Mr. Johnson S210
Squatter S210
Street Cop S211
Street Doc S211
Talismonger S212
Tribal Chief S212
Troll Bouncer S213
Yakuza Boss S213

Armorer C14
Club Habitue' C14
Club Owner C15
Corp Decker C15
Corp Official C16
Corp Rigger C16
Corp Scientist C17
Corp Wage Slave C17
Nachtmachen Policlub Member C18
Dock Worker C18
Fan C19
Elf Poser C19
Government Official C21
Mafia Don C21
Mafia Soldier C22
Media Entrepeneur C22
Metroplex Guardsman C23
Ork Rights Activist C23
Ork Shaman C24
Paramedic C24
Pedestrian C25
Plainclothes Cop C25
Report C26
Sasquatch Entertainer C26
Simstar C27
Snitch C27
Store Owner C28
Street Kid C28
Taxi Driver C29
Technician C29
Terrorist C30
Wiz Kid Mage C30

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