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Message no. 1
From: Kevin Dole kdole@***
Subject: Dual Weapons (was Re: Smart Guns/Smart Ammo)
Date: Fri, 26 Feb 1999 14:30:05 EST5EDT
Damian Robinson <max.robinson@**>
> Hmmm... you mean like an ARES Alpha minus the GL and add a shotgun?

Yep. Or my homebrewed Colt M-22E3. (L1 scope and
lasersight, replaced the GL with a 4 shot pump-action shotgun. 6D
damage, uses heavy pistol range. Limited production. In serivce
with UCAS MC (mostly with MPs, but other groups have them for
urban/close-quarters work) and Army special operations units
(urban/CQB), and the UCAS FBI and NSA, among others.)

> Say a Rem 990 version, stats same as the Sawnoff version?

That works. So does the Kimatsu (sp) UBS-5 and -6. They're
in one of the Plastic Warrior (thnks Gurth!) files, either Run Gear or
Project 3. Studies of War and Oppression have nice Mossberg
combogun out there as well (also in Run Gear, AFIK).

Kevin Dole /:|
"Life is serious. Thirty seconds after you forget that, you
become painfully aware that someone else hasn't. If you are
lucky, that is the last thought in your soon-to-be-homogenized

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