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Message no. 1
From: Doctor Doom <jch8169@*******.TAMU.EDU>
Subject: FASA Production Schedule (Was: hello out there)
Date: Sun, 7 Aug 1994 21:35:14 -0500
Von (the New & Improved) Electron Dancer:

> Electron Dancer (Trondo to some) is the new, improved surfer of the electron
> waves. New name, new look (hell, a whole new person), but the same great
> taste (sorry, couldn't stop myself).

I suppose you will next be informing us that you are safe for fabrics, eh?

> Got an SR Q: anybody know when the Denver
> boxed set is coming out? If it's out and just hasn't gotten here yet, is it
> any good?

I spoke to the Dark Lord on High and one of his Dark Minions on Thursday
and Friday, and during our discussion I inquired after the contemporary
production schedule. Here are the results:

Denver Boxed Set -- 'Tis being shipped as we speak!

For the remainder of 1994:

September Burning Bright A novel by Tom Dowd
October Prime Runners A Rogues Gallery of NPC's and Contacts
Harlequin's Back!
November Divided Assets For use in conjunction with the
Denver Boxed Set.

Up & Coming in 1995:

January Running Short A collection of short adventures for
particularly small groups of players
February Corporate Security
March Bug City Adventure *shudder*
April Aztlan
July Cyborgs
August Virtual Realities II
September Organized Crime Originally intended as a chapter in
the Lone Star Sourcebook, but FASA
was so taken with the material they
requested more.
Neo-Anarchist's Guide to Magic by Paul Hume
October Rigger Revised
November California Free State

Mind you, these dates are /intended/ and naturally subject to change.
Also, it was intimated that the 1995 schedule shall probably delay one of
the sourcebooks in favor of an adventure module, if for no other reason
that to maintain the sanity of the workers.

Colonel Count von Hohenzollern und von Doom, DMSc, DSc, PhD.

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