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Message no. 1
From: P Ward <P.Ward@**.CF.AC.UK>
Subject: Ingram Smartguns/Suppressed Vents
Date: Fri, 7 Apr 1995 13:37:22 BST
Damion said :-

> BTW, do you find that the Ingram Smartgun is vastly superior to all other
> SMGs?

Yup, it is the best SMG, even after I threw in 'bout twenty more culled
from the list, the Newsgroup, and real life, player's just keep coming
back to the Ingram.

Personally my character's use MP5's or Steyr's, they look nicer.

Phil (Runs-With-The-Pack)

Oh yeah, and it is feasibly possible to suppress a weapon with gas vents,
it just takes a good armourer and a bit of time.

Gas vents bleed off gases from the barrel, in a direction which will tend
to counteract the normal up and to the right movement of the gun, a supressor
slows the gases down by giving them more space to expand into before they
leave the barell, so that when they (and the bullet) leave the barrel, they're
travelling at sub-sonic speeds, so there is no sonic boom.

You can't stick a silencer onto an already vented weapon, or vice versa, but
your friendly neighbourhood armourer ought to be able to fix you up with
an (expensive) vented and suppressed weapon.

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