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Message no. 1
From: Legion out to lunch <legion@**************.ARMY.MIL>
Subject: Knights who saaay... Smart bows!
Date: Fri, 9 Jul 1993 06:39:12 MDT
Sorry about the misinformation (I did say I didn't have the SSC handy).
My main point was that you couldn't just yank the smartgun-adapter off
of your pistol/rifle/neighbor's pocket, slap it on the bow and expect
it to work.

This could be done, like Tyger mentioned, with a chip change or

BTW, I watched Cliffhanger last night (hey, I'm in Germany; it takes
awhile for movies to get over here, right Roberson?!) and am still
coming down from the rush! Excellent action movie. Although there were
some technical screw-ups I believe it was done in good taste (the
night vision device they used does NOT have neato red lines/info nor
does it have an auto focus ring in the center of the field of vision).

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legion@************** | nasty, big, pointy teeth!"
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