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Message no. 1
From: "Mark Steedman" <M.J.Steedman@***>
Subject: lists and Awakenings
Date: Mon, 19 Aug 1996 08:34:25 GMT
Again 4 days later than planned. I wouldn't bother trying to chack
things based on whats happening to me though as we are having the
local network rewired and that has been affecting things as well.

> > I was wondering what happened this morning.
> The lists been a bit quiet, so something but things seem to be
> working now, could be the internet?? don't know.
> > Anyway, my question this morning was if anyone had
> > an errat sheet for Awakenings
> was posted in 3 parts to the list a good while back but i don't have
> time to hunt it out. (by the author)
> > or where I could get a
> > Hard/soft copy of it. I noticed that the PA power costs
> > don't match between the description and the master
> > list in the back.
> >
> Known. The table in the back is 'as intended by Steve Kenson', he
> says those are ok (in one of the errata messages) and having looked
> at things i'm happy enough, the values in the main descriptions are
> after the folks at FASA edited the book. Use whichever you prefer.
> >
> Mark

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