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Message no. 1
From: Todd Montgomery <tmont@****.WVU.EDU>
Subject: Modest proposal on SMart Frames, Opinions wanted.
Date: Mon, 12 Jul 1993 15:02:54 -0400
What all this boils do to is that we have our own beliefs on how the
Matrix, Cyberdecks, and Frames should operate. I agree with Carter on
the point that Frames are not autonomous from the deck. But a decker,
IMO, could make some programs that run on the main system and not his
deck. Maybe this is something I should work on. A new kind of frame
that performs system functions and can be separated from the deck.
Don't anyone say that Frames already do this. I do not belief that is
what FASA had in mind when they made Frames up. WHich is evident from
the explanation in VR.

Maybe the best way to approach it would be to make a kind of Smart
frame but give it several needed abilities that it normally could not
have (ability to download, ability to perform system functions, etc.)
What about making a form of program that downloads files (like a .bat
file, esper)? Make this a normal kind of program that can be
incorporated into this type of frame.

Modify the standard Smart Frame to be able to function without a deck.
Really, A new form of Frame, call them Mobile Frames. As Dumb Frames
need a controller, maybe Dumb Frames need something like a persona
_"PROGRAM"_. The same kind of thing that makes IC mobile and operate
directly from the system and not a deck. This program does nothing BUT
make it so that the system recognizes the program as a construct. That
way the system actually would be running the frame, but the frame
controls its own actions. OK, the detailed explanation needs work.
But is the concept semi-valid?

With this making a program that can set in a system for some time
waiting for something is very easily done. All the decker must do is
make the frame, go in and launch it, then get out.

-- Quiktek
a.k.a. Todd Montgomery

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