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Message no. 1
From: Darrell L. Bowman darrell@******
Subject: [OT] bookstores
Date: Fri, 27 Aug 1999 21:21:37 -0400
On 18 Aug 99, at 11:09, IronRaven wrote:

> Heres an idea: Goto B&N's online branch. Find the book you want. Print
> out the pricing inforamtion and other stuff that basically says "yes, we,
> Barnes and Noble, have copies of this book in our inventory". Take that
> print out with you and ask if they can order it for you. If the kid you
> talk to says that they can't, ask to talk to the supervisor/manager on
> duty. Explain that you are having a hard time understanding why it can be
> gotten from the main office, via the internet, but not at the local site,
> but if you have to, you will go through the main office and add a small
> note concerning your displeasure to the envelope that has the payment in
> it.
> It isn't nice, but I've found that at least half of all "I'm sorry, sir,
> but we can't order that" statements are the result of someone who is too
> lazy to get the paperwork and/or thinks that $6/hr means that they don't
> have actually use thier brain for anything other than hair fertilizer.

Here, here, Kevin. Geeesh, sounds exactly like what happens
everytime I ask my brother-in-law who works at a Media Play
to check on a book for me. Brand new, FASA stock number,
etc, etc, etc,.. drekcetera. "They say that books is not
available." What really kicks my rear is that after being told
they can't get it for me (I live out of that town) I go back for a
weekend or something and go by the store and the damn
book I wanted is on the rack, where, if I hadn't already ordered
it online, I could have gotten it at 40% off. Some people just
slay me.

What are you bitchin' about?, I only got tree sap on
the bottom of the wings.
-- Raven.

Nightshade, Human Racoon Shaman
Raven, Elven Irish Rigger with an attitude.

Darrell Bowman

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