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From: "David E. Smith" <dave@********.ML.ORG>
Subject: [OT] Re: Tinner's Pompous notions about WotC, FASA,..
Date: Mon, 16 Mar 1998 14:39:21 +0000
On Mon, 16 Mar 1998, Steven A. Tinner wrote:

> >TELL me that that's not a monopoly.
> OK, I will.
> It's not.

In the proper economics sense, it isn't. But if WotC is actually trying to
enforce a patent on CCGs, it's pretty darned close. Potentially an
oligopoly. [ObShadowRN: I think the word `oligopoly' is in Corp
Shadowfiles somewhere :) ] I'm sure someone will pipe up with a more
proper economics analysis; the extent of my knowledge of that area is a
distant `Econ 101' course.

> BTW Did you ever think that CHOOSING to eliminate CCG's from your gaming
> club was tantamount to suicide?

Didn't have to be done; in my local group, CCG's killed the more
traditional RPGs without our even asking. Every other member of our group
- literally, every one, about fifteen people - simply lost interest.

Two good ongoing campaigns (one SR, one AD&D) simply died slowly over the
course of about six months. Most of those players no longer play M:tG or
any CCG, but they don't play other RPGs either. (I played with `borrowed'
decks for a few months; there is some strategy to it, yes, and it's a mild
diversion, but I never got hooked. Besides, spending money on CCGs would
have cut into my precious RPG fund :)

Endgame: A few people still pump money into CCGs. Most, however, have
moved on. This is a net loss to the hobby, both financially and in
`people' talent. Although I've not gamed with many players in my young
life, the ones from this group were among the best I've known so far.
(Besides, now I'll never know what would have happened to my street mage,
"Shock," in that SR game of so many years ago...)

> What has WotC really done to hurt other companies?

Objectively, not much. Subjectively, though: there's a finite amount of
money in the global economy. Every dollar spent on CCGs is a dollar not
being spent on much cooler SR stuff. :)

Maybe we're just being possessive, though. I fear this whole thing boiling
down to a holy war: "My game is cooler!" "No, mine is!" (both
stick tongues out at each other, obstructing further progress)

> AFAIK their whole strategy is simply to enhance their own company.
> Purchasing TSR was a great move IMO.
It's a great marketing move, and certainly a great PR move, but I'm not
sure what they're trying to say with it.

> I know that everyone on this list is capable of taking 5 minutes and sending
> an email to FASMike@***.com and telling him what their favorite SR product
> this past year was.
> But how many of us do it?
Just did. Thanks for the idea. :)

> Not to knock FASA, but they still haven't produced am SR Fanzine that is
> worth spending money on.
Heh. Maybe we should print up digests of the list and call them the SR

dave "step away from the carp..."

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