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Message no. 1
From: Tyger09@***.COM
Subject: Shadowfurry (long) Part 2
Date: Mon, 6 Jun 1994 04:46:47 EDT
Part 2, this one's shorter. It's about how to loo klike your favorite


Next bit, about if you can 'sculpt someone into another persona.
Well, I'll give this in GM terms. If a player wants to do this, remind
them it's a semi-permanent procedure. Once they commit, it's harder than
hell to turn back.

If they REALLY WANT IT, let them have it. A good street doc can
get the materials. It has a base availability of about 10, with the normal
modifiers. Street index is 2.0 and up. Find a trustworthy one, chummers.

The next step is the surgery. Once they go under the scalpel, roll
an unresisted test using the surgeons skill. The target number is directly
related to the difficulty number to detect the 'sculpt.

Bob the samurai wants to look like the head man at Renraku Arcology.
He goes to a really good street doc (Biotech skill of 8). He wants to
be virtually perfect in appearance, so the GM decides this counts as a 15.
The doc (who is smart...) asks for payment up front.

The doc goes to work. He rolls his Biotech skill with a target of
15. The doc rolls (total) 2,5,7,9,13,15,16,22. With a grand total of
three successes. Bob the samurai now looks like 'the man'.

Anybody else who sees him must roll perception. Target of 15. If
the viewer can get 3 or more successes, they notice the small flaws that
give it away, like the fact that Mr. Renraku Arcology has a cleft chin, and
this guy doesn't. If they don't he can pass for the real McCoy (Or

The difficulty also multiplies the cost exponentially. A good
street doc (or "sculptors" as they call themselves) can start the cost at a
base of 8,000 to 10,000 nuYen. Multiply the cost of the 'sculpt by the
ultimate difficulty. Let them haggle from there.

Pricey, no?

Keep in mind this is also going to ultimately try and fool
electronic gadgets, guards, and so on. Magical security, however, remains
totally unaffected by this charade. As such, the mages don't get any
penalty to notice something is wrong.

Well, this should give yall a bit to chew on for a while anyways.


Well, that's the 'sculpting stuff. To quote Joel & the bots, "What do you
think, Sirs?"


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