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From: "Like, dude, where's the firefight?" <MURRAYMD@******.BITNET>
Subject: What are the peices parts of a drone?
Date: Thu, 11 Feb 93 16:52:58 CET
Hoi Kiddies!
As I was contemplating the greater perspectives of Shadowrun and
Rigger drones, I was wondering: What goes into a drone? If I was going to
think about making drone construction rules, I needed to know what's in a
drone. Once that is done I could make sizes and weights of the various
components and put them all together. I have a good idea about some of the
things that go into a drone, but I want to hear from you.
I decided to post this to the full Shadowrun crowd since KAGE-CAR
is busy discussing the social implications of NERPS (That's what you get
for trashing RBB Robert. Oh well.) and the main list has more people on
it. FYI, the only big rules change from the RBB I was thinking of was
creating a new unit for drone construction: The CCP, Centi-Construction
Point. It will be 1/100 the "size" of a CP. Pretty neat, huh?
All right everybody! Yes, everybody. Even you folks who just read
and don't normally post. Yes, even you Ray and Terri. What goes into a
drone? Hopefully more than just gerbils on a running wheel. What
components would some of your more unconventional drones require?
If your not in the mood to post to the list you can send answers,
replies, questions, comments, quips, laughs, guffaws, bribes rhetoric from
the peanut gallery, soapbox speeches, and mental drivel to the below
address. Flames will be attacked by Great Form water elementals.

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