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Message no. 1
From: Dvixen dvixen@****.com
Subject: [ADMIN(ish)] Announcing (finally) the SRFanFic list. :)
Date: Sat, 10 Apr 1999 23:55:32 -0700
For those of you who cannot get enough Fiction, or want some poor
unsuspecting people to inflict your fiction on, I introduce to you the
SRFanFic (Shadowrun Fan-written Fiction) list.

The first challenge is a doozy, thanks to Tan-Dor, for the idea in advance.
;) Rest assured, they can only get easier. The purpose of challenges is
simply for fun, they will be announced from time to time, on no fixed

I hope that everyone will contribute at least one story a year. ;)

To sign up, go to and choose number 2. :) It's exactly
the same as getting on this list, so if you have trouble........

Dvixen - dvixen@****.com -
SRFanFic's Keeper of the Rabid Woodchuck!
Current challenge: From the Point of View of an Inanimate Object.

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