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Message no. 1
From: R Andrew Hayden <rahayden@*****.WEEG.UIOWA.EDU>
Subject: ADMINISTRIVIA: KAGE-CAR Frequently Asked Questions
Date: Wed, 3 Feb 93 04:15:04 CET
Frequently Asked Questions for KAGE-CAR@*****.BITNET
Version 1.0 (1-28-93)


1. What is KAGE-CAR
2. Who's the moron that thought up this silly name?
3. What are all of these initials I'm seeing?
4. What are all of these administrative postings?
5. Where can I get copies of the POA, Working Rules, FAQ, etc?
6. Where can I get logs of past discussions?
7. What are some other interesting/importnat LISTSERV commands?


1. What is KAGE-CAR

KAGE: Japanese Word for SHADOW
CAR: American word for CAR


The mailing list KAGE-CAR is dedicated to creating viable vehicle
construction rules for the role-playing game Shadowrun (published by


2. Who's the moron that thought up this silly name?

Robert Hayden is the moron. He can be lynched at:


3. What are all these initials I am seeing?

There are several books that might be referenced during
discussions. The make things easier, they are often refered to by
initials. Some of the more commonly used ones are:

SR: Shadowrun (First Edition)
SR2: Shadowrun (Second Edition)
RBB: Rigger Black Book
CW: Car Wars (a vehicular combat system by Steve Jackson Games)
NAGRL: Neo-Anarchist's Guide to Real Life


4. What are all these administrative postings that I am seeing?

There are several postings that will occur on a (somewhat) regular

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions
You are reading it right now.

POA: Plan of Attack
This doccument outlines the current part of the project,
what parts have been completed, and what parts are coming
up. It is an attempt to provide a structured sequence for
the project. The POA will be changed often.

This document will summarize the files available via the
listserv database.

NOTE: This is contingent on me figuring out how to use the
bloody LISTSERV file system.


5. Where can I get copies of the POA, Working Rules, FAQ, etc?

There are two places where copies can be gotten.

1) From the listowner.
Just drop me a line and I'll mail them out to you as soon
as I can.

2) From the LISTSERV
All of the documents pertaining to this project will be
kept online on the listserver. Using the GET function, you
can order all of these documents via email. (See Below for

NOTE: This is contingent on me figuring out how to use the
bloody LISTSERV file system.


6. Where can I get past logs of discussions?

Logs of activity on KAGE-CAR will be kept online and be available
via the listserv at HEARN. In order to get a directory listing of
the KAGE-CAR related files, send the command INDEX KAGE-CAR to
LISTSERV@*****. You should get a response in a little while that
lists all of the files available.

The log files will be named 'KAGE-CAR LOGyymm', where 'yy' is the
year of the file and 'mm' is the month.

To get one of them, send the command GET filename, where filename is
the name of the file you wish to receive (example: GET KAGE-CAR
LOG9211). After a bit, you should receive that file in the mail.


7. What are some other interesting/important LISTSERV commands?

There are many commands you can give to the listserv in order to
change how your subscription works.

SUBSCRIBE listname your-real-name:
Will subscribe you to a particular mailing list. To
subscribe to KAGE-CAR, for example, the command would be:

SUBSCRIBE KAGE-CAR your-real name

Unsubscribes you from a list to which you are subscribed.

INDEX listname:
Sends to you an index of available files pertaining to that

GET listname filename:
This will instruct the listserv to send you a certain file
via email.

SET listname REPRO:
This command will have the listserv include you in the
distribution of any posting you make (ie, you get your own
things back, too).

SET listname ACK:
This will cause the listserv to send you a message every
time you post telling you how many people your posting was
sent out to. If you find this annoying, you can change this
back with a NOACK command.

SET listname NOMAIL:
If you are going on vacation or something, sending a NOMAIL
command will halt you receiving any postings. This is
helpful if you know that your quota will be exceeded during
Christmas break, for example. When you return, you can use
the MAIL command to start receiving again.

WARNING: If you forget to do this and your quota is
exceeded, this will cause all of the postings to be bounced
back to the list, possibly leading to a loop. The only way
to quickly allievitate this problem is to delete your
subscription, so PLEASE use the NOMAIL command if you are
going to be gone for a while.

REVIEW listname:
This command will return to you a listing of all
subscribed persons to the list and then a total tally.

Sending this command will give you a listing and brief
descriptions of all available commands.


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