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Message no. 1
From: "J.D. Falk" <jdfalk@****.CAIS.COM>
Subject: ADMIN: ShadowRN Frequently Asked Questions, Part I
Date: Tue, 1 Nov 1994 00:20:32 -0500
Welcome to SHADOWRN,

This document contains the first part of the list of Frequently Asked
Questions [FAQs] for the BITNET mailing list ShadowRN, devoted to
discussions of the role playing game ShadowRun.

You will note that this first part contains only brief information on the
subject of the mailing list, as well as information on how to subscribe
and unsubscribe from the list. Additional information will be provided in
Part II of the FAQ, which is mailed to new subscribers and periodically
posted to the list.

You will also note that this FAQ _does not_ contain information about the
ShadowRun game spcifically. This FAQ is dedicated to the list itself and
serves as an introduction to the community created by list-discussion.

Thanks for your interest,

Virtually, The SHADOWRN Listowners

Robert Hayden: <hayden@*******> "Fearless
Doctor Doom: <jch8169@*******> "Assistant Fearless
J.D. Falk: <jdfalk@****.com> "Keeper of the

Frequently Asked Questions for SHADOWRN@*****.BITNET
Version 2.41 (10-28-94)

Compiled by your fearless leader: Robert Hayden
With editing and additions by: J.D. Falk


A. What is SHADOWRN?
B. How do I subscribe to SHADOWRN?
C. How do I post to SHADOWRN?
D. How do I unsubscribe to SHADOWRN?
E. How do I reconfirm my subscription
F. Other Important LISTSERV Commands.
G. Why am I getting deleted from the list for no reason?
H. Why does the list reject postings from my account?
I. HELP! Mail from the list has stopped coming, but I'm
still subscribed!


A. What is ShadowRN?
ShadowRN is a discussion list for the role-playing game called
ShadowRun, which is published by FASA.

Shadowrun takes place in Seattle 61 years in the future.
Cybernetics, Virtual Reality, and biotechnology are available to
the public. Furthermore, Magic exists and is controlled by mages
and shamans, and mythical beings once again roam the land.
Megacorporations, with the power of small nations, rule the
politics and hold the ultimate stranglehold on the underclass.
Surviving in the world of Shadowrun takes as much courage as it
does skill.

And perhaps just a little luck.

B. How do I subscribe to SHADOWRN?
To subscribe, you must send a control message to the listserv at
HEARN.bitnet. To do this, send email with the following parameters:

TO: listserv@*****.bitnet
SUB: <leave blank>
1st line: subscribe shadowrn your-real-name

In a little while you should get email instructing you how to
confirm your subscription request. Simply follow the instructions
and you will soon start getting regular postings.

If you have difficulty with bitnet addresses, you can also use the
internet address, which is LISTSERV@*****

C. How do I post to SHADOWRN?
To post to SHADOWRN, you send your posting via email to
SHADOWRN@*****.BITNET (or SHADOWRN@***** for

D. How do I unsubscribe to SHADOWRN?
To unsubscribe, you must send a control message to the listserv at
HEARN.bitnet. To do this, send email with the following

TO: listserv@*****.bitnet (or LISTSERV@*****
SUB: <leave blank>
1st line: signoff shadowrn

In a little while you should get email confirming your unsubscription

E. How do I reconfirm my subscription
From time to time while you are subscribed to the lists, you will
get a message from the LISTSERV that requests that you reconfirm
that you still want to be on the list.

If you wish to stay on the list, you need to follow the instructions
in your confirmation request.

If, for whatever reason, you no longer wish to be on the list, you
can simply wait for two weeks and your subscription will timeout
and you will be removed from the list.

F. Other Important LISTSERV Commands.
There are many commands you can give to the listserv in order to change
how your subscription works.

SET listname REPRO (default):
This command will have the listserv include you in the
distribution of any posting you make (ie, you get your own
things back, too).

SET listname ACK:
This is simply an confirmation of the posting you just made.
It is returned to you in email.

SET listname NOMAIL:
If you are going on vacation or something, sending a NOMAIL
command will halt your receiving any postings. This is
helpful if you know that your quota will be exceeded during
Christmas break, for example.

WARNING: If you forget to do this and your quota is exceeded,
this will cause all of the postings to be bounced back to the
list, possibly leading to a loop. The only way to quickly
alleviate this problem is to delete your subscription, so
PLEASE use the NOMAIL command if you are going to be gone
for a while.

SET listname DIGEST:
When this option is set, instead of all of the postings
being delivered separately, they will be delivered in
one mailing at the close of the day (in HEARN's timezone).
This is helpful if the number of mailings become a burden.

SET listname MAIL (default):
This option is invoked to restore active status after sending
a NOMAIL request, and is also used to change from DIGEST
back to getting all postings separately.

Sending this command will give you a listing and brief
descriptions of all available commands.

G. Why am I getting deleted from the list for no reason?
99% of the time, the reason you are deleted from the list (by the
listowner) is because for some reason mail is bouncing off of your

Usually this is caused by one of two reasons. Either A) your
account is filled and can't hold any more or B) for some reason your
account is not available (either the machine or your account is down).
When this happens, it causes an error message to be sent back to the
list. The list software attempts to detect error messages and route
them to the listowner. Sometimes, though, the error is not detected by
the listserv software and the error gets reported to the list. This
causes the error message to get sent our to all subscribers, including
the person who is bouncing mail. This leads to a loop that really
messes things up.

Thus, standard procedure when an error message is reported it to delete
the subscription of the person causing the error.

Once the problem has been fixed (you are back on the net or have room),
you are, of course, free to join the list again.

H. Why does the list reject postings from my account?
As part of some security features, the list will only accept
mailings that come from the same address your subscription
is registered on. This is to prevent non-list people from
flooding the mailboxes of dozens of people.

Because of this, if you attempt to post from another account or
machine, your message will be rejected. Please read the error
message enclosed with your rejection and determine what you must
do to fix it in the future.

I. HELP! Mail from the list has stopped coming, but I'm still subscribed!
Mail has an annoying characteristic in that, while most of the time
it is instantaneous, there are times when it can take up to two
weeks to go from one computer to another that is located ten feet
away (much like snail mail, eh?).

If mail suddenly suddenly stops coming, wait at least 48 hours before
you contact the listowner. Very likely a link is down between you and
the list, and as soon as that link comes back up, you will get
all of the old mailings.

Also note that the listowner won't be able to help at all in terms
of mail not arriving. All he can do is to verify that you are
indeed subscribed, anything beyond that is under the control of
someone else.


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