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Mailing List Logs for ShadowRN

Message no. 1
From: "J.D. Falk" <jdfalk@****.CAIS.COM>
Subject: ADMIN: ShadowRN Frequently Asked Questions, Part II
Date: Tue, 1 Nov 1994 00:20:33 -0500
Part II

A. A Disclaimer
B. Off-topic postings and policies related to
C. About Flaming
D. Just who are these administrators anyways?


A. Using the LISTSERV 'GET' command
B. Getting past logs via FTP
C. Getting past messages via Gopher or WWW
C. FTP sites for Shadowrun materials

A. ShadowTK
G. Shadowrun World Wide Web Page
H. Real-World Addresses of ShadowRN Listmembers
I. ShadowRun MUSH
J. FASA Email Addresses

A. Recommended Non-FASA Gaming Supplements

7. MISCELLANEOUS (and often unrelated) INFORMATION
A. Dealing with large amounts of ShadowRN mail
1. Digesting
2. Filtering
B. What is PGP?
C. What is the Geek Code?
D. Cypherpunks Mailing list
E. The Electronic Frontier Foundation
F. Additional FTP sites for Role-Playing materials (some non-SR)


A. A Disclaimer
By nature of the topic of this list (cyberpunk fiction and
role-playing), it should be warned that discussions often contain
violent, sexual or adult themes, as well as anarchistic political
discussions. The responsibility (blame?) for each posting falls
entirely into the hands of the original poster. The listowners,
postmaster, and the HEARN administration assumes no liability for
the contents of postings.

B. Off-topic postings and policies related to
While the topic of this list is specifically related to
ShadowRun, it has been determined that the topic encompasses far
more than the specific rules within the FASA manuals. Part of
the all-important part of any role-paying game is the atmosphere
that the players find themselves in. Often, this cannot be
adaquately explained within the written rules.

To this end, there is a very liberal posting policy with regards
to topics. This is to allow everyday babble and observations to
create a virtual society of sorts on the list, and to give all who
participate in and opportunity to explore that society.

Thus, you will often see postings that are only vaguely related
to ShadowRun being posted. Often this has to do with politics
(especially information politics) or with recent technological
breakthroughs. While there are no hard-set rules with regards to
what off-topic postings are permitted, it should be reminded that
we all come here because of our interest in ShadowRun, so postings
should at the very least be of interest to all, and be within the
umbrella of being source material for the shadowrun society.

Officially, the following actions will take place with regards to
off-topic postings.

1) Non-Shadowrun threads that live for more that 24 hours
will be pointed out by the listowners. At that time, either
make the thread once again Shadowrun relevant or take it to
private email.

2) If after 48 hours, the thread still continues, the
listowner will start deleting people from the list. If
that happens, you are free to come back, but at the very
least, the deletion will serve as a warning to stay relevant.

Persons who repeatedly violate the rules and disrupt the use of
the list by others will be be dealt on a case-by-case basis, but
action can include (but is not limited to): temporary removal
from the list (for example, six months), permanent removal from
the list or notification to the violator's sysadmin or service

C. About Flaming
_The New Hacker's Dictionary_ defines the Flame as:
1. vi. To post an email message intended to insult and
provoke. 2. vi. To speak incessantly and/or rabidly on
some relatively uninteresting subject or with a patently
ridiculous attitude. 3. vt. Either of senses 1 or 2,
directed with hostility at a particular person or people.
4. n. An instance of flaming. When a discussion degenerates
into useless controversy, one might tell the participants
"Now you're just flaming" or "Stop all that flamage!"
try to get them to cool down (so to speak).

Flaming is highly discouraged on the ShadowRN list, because in
the end it only only wastes everyone's time, bandwidth and quota,
and seldom if ever leads to any resolution of problems. If a
discussion reaches the point where people are calling everyone
names or insulting, a warning will be issused from the listowner
saying something along the lines of "take it to email". If the
flamers continue to flood the list with their hate-mail, they will
be deleted from the list.

One of the other problems is that often someone "insults" someone
in a satirical way. This is something that happens quite often in
the real world, but the real world has the benefit of
body-language and tone-of-voice to show that it is only polite
joking. Cyberspace doesn't have that feature.

In order to make sure that your humorous flame isn't taken
seriously, make sure you include a smiley or some other indication
to show that you are only joking,

D. Just who are these administrators anyways?

Robert A. Hayden, 23, is a senior at Mankato State University,
located in Mankato, Minnesota (USA). He is majoring in
experiential education with an emphasis on computer administration
and information sciences. He plans to continue on to graduate
school after his graduation, most likely at Mankato State. In
addition, Hayden is a member of the MSU Student Senate Academic
Computing Committee.

Netwise, Hayden is active not only in the Shadowrun forums, but
can also be found in forums devoted to electronic and personal
rights. A member of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Computer
Professionals for Social Responsiblity, and the American Civil
Liberties Union, he has taken a rather strong stance on the need
for data privacy and rights in cyberspace. In addition, he is a
vocal participant in various gay/lesbian/bisexual rights groups
and spends much of his off-net time pursuing civil rights for
minority sexual orientations.

Hayden began his game-writing career when 16. He had published a
set of rules that added fixed-wing aircraft to the Steve Jackson
battle simulation Car Wars. Following graduation from high
school, he then edited the _The Tome of Mighty Magic_, a
book of (very) high level spells for TSR's AD&D. Hayden has also
been published in the _Neo-Anarchists Guide to Everything Else_
(#4 and #5). In addition, Hayden is the writer of the infamous
'Geek Code' that can be found on many corners of the net.

Currently, Hayden is the editor of the epic ShadowTalk story as
well as administrating the four Shadowrun-related mailing lists.
In addition, he is working on writing a space-based cyberpunkish
RPG (as of yet, unnamed).

In addition, Hayden is employed by the City of Mankato as a system
administrator studying the feasibility of hooking the city up to
the internet.

If he could he an animal, Hayden would be a dolphin.


Hello, I'm Peter Graves . . . on this episode of "Biography",
we're going to be looking into one of the more enigmatic members
of the ShadowRun mailing list. He came out of nowhere and
eventually ascended to a position of power in the administration
of the list in spite of the fact that very little is known about
him. Tonight, we shall attempt to pierce that shourd of secrecy
surrounding the one known as Doctor Doom . . .


Doctor Doom, 22, is a senior at Texas A & M University, located in
College Station, Texas (USA). The particular nomenclature derived
from ascribed behavioral similarites to a Marvel Comics character.
His major field of study is History, with a particular emphasis
placed upon European, and more specifically, German studies -- a
situation which is complemented by his minor in German.

Interests: Recreational reading and writing, including poetry and
prose, which includes but is not restricted to participation on
ShadowTalk and the generation of game system rules expansions and
background history.

Politically he is extremely conservative, although he derives
particular pleasure from discussion of politics and how one's
philosophy applies to government. As of this summer, he has
acquired a time slot on his local collegiate radio station, which
shall be devoted to a mixture of current events and political

Doom has been an intermittent member of the two local Science
Fiction & Fantasy associations, MSC: Nova and Cepheid Variable.
His role-playing experience began about a decade ago; since that
time, he has gradually migrated from game system to game system
until his discovery of FASA Corporation in 1986. First with
BattleTech and the subsequent Mechwarrior, later giving way to
ShadowRun, Doom has conversed semi-regularly and at length with
the various Powers That Be at the FASA offices, including
dialogues with Tom Dowd, the Dark Lord on High, and Sam Lewis,
current President of FASA.

Presently, he serves as assistant administrator, or Dread
Executor, of the four ShadowRun mailing lists.

{Excerpted from a Barbara Walters Interview}

"So, Mista Doom, pwease teww us, were you an animuw, what sowt of
animaw, would you be?"

"Well, Barbara, despite the utterly pedestrian intellectual quality
of that inquiry -- such that it causes me to generate the distinct
impression that you are seeking the reaction of an individual
placed in a circumstances so ridiculous that they could only be
likened to embarking on an outing where one shall window-shop for
the selection of a body which one should recieve in the event of
reincarnation -- I shall ne'ertheless strive to provide an answer,
albeit a predictable response: an Imperial Eagle."

"Oh, I see. Well, denn, what sowt of twee would you be, then?"


J.D. Falk, 20, is a member of the growing net.minority made up of
those who are not connected to either an educational institution
or computer company. He is currently working for Montgomery
Community Television, which operates the public-access and county
government cable television channels in Montgomery County,
Maryland, USA (a suburb of Washington, D.C.)

Looking around the 'net, Falk can be found in a lot of places (some
of which even _he_ can't explain.) Falk participates regularly in
various discussions about net.politics, and generally favors the
continuation of the current self-regulating semi-anarchistic 'net.
"Just write a good charter," he often says, "and inform people when
they're going against it."

Falk was until recently the General Manager of the Role-Playing
Information Area on the National Capital Area Public Access Network
(CapAccess) in Washington, D.C.; CapAccess boasts over 10,000 users
but, it seems, very few role-players, so the area has been closed.
He co-wrote and published a Space Opera genre role-playing game
in 1989 called S.H.A.L.T. (which has been majorly reworked by
the other co-authors into a new game, called Galactica -- look for
it at GenCon!), and seriously enjoys the social ramifications of the
Cyberpunk genre.

Currently, he is the second-ever editor of the _Net Enhancements
for Role-Playing Shadowrun_ series of books, and is responsible for
the ShadowRN and NERPS FAQs, but honestly has no other authority over
this mailing list. Still, he's been around a while, and can often be
persuaded to give advice.


Compiled by: Doctor Doom

What follows is jargon frequently seen on the ShadowRun List, along with
definitions and histories, in order that one may be assisted in
familiarizing one's self with this discussion mailserver.

Common Term Definitions
The Dark Lord on High (DLoH)
A reference to Tom Dowd, who participated in the conception,
design, and development of the background and rules of the game
ShadowRun. His title, originally thought of and used by Doctor
Doom (on 31 Oct 92, 01:11:46), derives from his position at the
FASA offices, who have designated him as the individual to which
all questions regarding rules for the ShadowRun Game System are
forwarded, logically owing to his involvement in the project from
its beginnings.

Several members of this list contact him periodically, seeking his
wisdom in instances where the rules are either seemingly
contradictory, too vague for singular interpretation, or simply do
not exist for a particular situation. He is considered by many to
be the a sort of Final Arbiter, an Ultimate Adjudicator for such
matters, although there are those who do not subscribe to this

And, yes, he is aware that we refer to him as such.

The Freedonian Aeronautic and Space Administration. The company
which produces our own beloved ShadowRun, as well as Earthdawn,
another game with important ties with the ShadowRun world.
Discussion and reviews of recent FASA products are fairly common
upon the mailserver, as are commentary regarding various rulings
from The Dark Lord.

The name Freedonia comes from the European country depicted in
"Duck Soup", a Marx Brothers film, in which Groucho Marx portrays
Rufus T. Firefly, President of Freedonia.

Fearless Leader
Term for Robert A. Hayden, listowner of all four mailing lists
connected with ShadowRun: ShadowRn, ShadowTk, Plot-D, and NERPS.
Coined in homage to the Rocky and Bullwinkle television show;
Fearless Leader was the man that Boris and Natasha reported to.

Either noun or verb. Munchkinism is exhibited in two primary
forms of expression, that of rules interpretation/implementation
and power.

Munchkins tend to interpret rules in either the broadest possible
sense or such that benefits shall be disproportionately bestowed,
especially in exclusive favor to their character. They
consistently push the envelope of the letter and spirit of the law
in an effort to gain the greatest (sometimes individual) latitude.
Usually, areas targeted for such pressure are instances where the
published rules are particularly vague or may not specifically
apply, i.e., loopholes.

Besides this, Munchkins are quite willing to take leave of the
game system to achieve their desires and demonstrate a great
willingness to alter, augment, or eliminate the rules without
paying due consideration to alternatives to or the ramifications
of their actions.

As has already been implied, the end product of all Munchkins
efforts lead to one thing: Power. Munchkins are driven by the
desire to become the most potent player in the group/setting/world
in which they are playing. Further, any questions as to the
believability (within the genre) or feasibility of such
exceedingly potent characters or are not salient to the Munchkin.
Also, Munchkins are generally very reticent to create serious
obstacles or problems for his character, and typically they
exhibit most grievous vexation should the Game Master or other
players frustrate his plans. In line with this, they
energetically seek to avoid any disadvantages or costs in an
effort to achieve their goals. A Munchkin EXPECTS to win all the

True, it may be argued that the above behaviours are merely
natural tendencies, but they attain a certain fanaticism in

"Inside Joke" at the offices of FASA. According to them, it
originally stood for "Nothing Ever Really Pleases Steve/Scott",
although no particulars as to the identity as to Steve or Scott
were given. Appeared in FASA products as early as Virtual
Realities (p. 81) possibly earlier. Has now taken on a life of
its own.

NOTE: Despite the natural tendency to interpret NERPS as a jibe
to Steve Jackson Game's product GURPS, such speculation is
without foundation.

NERPS are the ultimate placebo. They may serve as a cure (almost)
for anything one might care to name: From the common cold to
nuclear war. NERPS are commonly used to contend with Munchkins and
just about anything else that springs to mind.

Finally, NERPS has also been adopted as the name of an associated
mailing list, which has as it's purpose to design several new,
fan-written, ShadowRun manuals. NERPS was acronymed to stand for:
Net Enhancements for Role-Playing Shadowrun. Unlike the FASA
version of NERPS, this name for this Tome _was_ coined partially
as a jibe at GURPS.

The sound a wet carp makes when someone is struck with it; also
the act of striking someone with a wet carp.

The term was first used in the latter part of the year the list
became operational, when our Fearless Leader, Robert Hayden, was
experiencing considerable problems with his mailer, such that all
were receiving several copies of EVERY posting he dispatched.

Howls of discontent were heard across the node. Tempers were
raised. Flames were exchanged.

On Thursday, 22 October 1992 (21:03:17 CET), Hayden, in an attempt
to soothe the raising ire of the other members as well as offer an
apology, infused a bit of levity in his requesting pardon for the
inconvenience, to wit:

"You can thwap me with a wet carp if it will make you feel better."

And thus the concept was born. Immediately many list members
latched upon this rather novel idea. The first actual THWAP was
invoked by Doctor Doom on 22 October 1992, 15:31:00 CST, rapidly
followed by Harlequin and Flare. A legend was begun...

Since then, its has been used so frequently that the idea took on
a life of its own, and it is now a legitimate term, even if only
jargon. Thwaps are generally brought to bear upon especially
bizarre, silly, or Munchkinous ideas, although their invocation
usually indicates a degree of levity and good-spiritedness.
Thwaps are not meant for spite--that purpose is served by flames.

Generic term for the denizens of the ShadowRun list. Initially
stood for Those Other List Members Which Are Presently Perplexed
at this Esoteric Rambling.

Other users are also collectively referred to as simply "the list"
or "listmembers" on occasion.

Commonly Utilized Abbreviations:
DLoH : The Dark Lord on High
FAQ : Frequently Asked Questions (list)
FOF : Fields of Fire
GM : Game Master, also called DM, Referee, or Administrator
Grim : The Grimoire (1 & 2), also referred to as the
'Grimmey' or the 'Grimthingie'
NAGNA : Neo-Anarchist's Guide to North America
NAGRL : Neo-Anarchist's Guide to Real Life
NAGEE : Neo-Anarchist's Guide to Everything Else (independent
publication, composed of non-official information)
NERPS : Net Enhancements for Role-Playing Shadowrun (also
an independent publication)
NPC : Non-Player Character
PC : Player Character
PGP : Pretty Good Privacy (see below)
RBB : Rigger Black Book
SSC : Street Samurai Catalogue (1 & 2)
SR : ShadowRun, also known as the Blue Book
SR2 : ShadowRun Second Edition, also the Black Book
S-Beat : ShadowBeat
S-Tech : ShadowTech
(the) Tir : Tir Tairngire, or the sourcebook of the same name
VR : Virtual Realities

Common Slang for Various Character Types
With considerable input and assistance provided by: J Roberson

Street Samurai...................Cyberknight, Techwarrior, Street Sam, Sammie,
Street Pizza, Street Op, Combat Gumby, Muscle,
Razorboy/Razorgirl, Slasher, Strongarm, Killer
Decker.................................Technomancer, Matrix Runner, Net Runner,
Net Junkie, ICskater, ICbreaker, Hacker,
Jacker, Data Thief, Console Cowboy
Rigger..................................Driver, Flyboy/Flygirl, Jockey, Wireman
Magic-Users (General)............Magician, Magiker, Spell-Chucker, Spellcaster,
ManaMan, Witch/Warlock, Wiz, Wu Jen
Mage...........................Thaumaturge, Magician, Magiker, Sorcerer, Wizard
Physical Adepts................................Ninja, Warrior, Numbskull, Blade
Shamans..........................................Priest, Nature Boy, Chosen One
Druids............................................Blood Mage, Lineman, Leyseers



A. Using the LISTSERV 'GET' command.
Logs of activity on SHADOWRN will be kept online and be available via
the listserv at HEARN. In order to get a directory listing of the
SHADOWRN related files, send the command INDEX SHADOWRN to
LISTSERV@*****.BITNET. You should get a response in a little while
that lists all of the files available.

The log files will be named 'SHADOWRN LOGyymm{A-E}', where 'yy' is the
year of the file, 'mm' is the month and the final letter indicates the
week, with the first week being 'A', and the start of the 5th week
being 'E'.

To get one of them, send the command GET filename, where filename is
the name of the file you wish to receive (example: GET SHADOWRN
LOG9303D). After a bit, you should receive that file in the mail.

B. Getting past logs via FTP.
SHADOWRN logs are also available via FTP at:
directory: /archive

The archives for the ShadowRN list are named
'SHADOWRN.LOGyymm{A-E}' using the same naming format
used when ordering the files via mail as desribed in
part A.

C. Getting past messages via Gopher or WWW.
Specific messages from the NERPS list are avaliable via Gopher at:
directory: LISTSERVs public archives/NERPS

WWW readers (Mosaic, Lynx, etc.) can be pointed to:
link: gopher://

D. FTP sites for Shadowrun materials

The following FTP sites contain Shadowrun related information. This list is
mostly taken from the REC.GAMES.FRP FAQ.

Name: University of San Diego anonymous FTP service
Contact: Jerry Stratton <jerry@******>
Info Updated: May 27, 1994
Notes: Currently includes space for AD&D, Shadowrun, and Brand X
(an original superhero roleplaying game). This is the
distribution point for the _Neo-Anarchists Guide to
Everything Else_ and NERPS, the net.books for shadowrun
players. Also contains archives of ShadowTalk in .ZIP format.

This is considered to be the _MAIN_ Shadowrun FTP site,
and you will often here it referred to as just 'cerebus' in
casual conversation on the list. Also note that the name
was just recently changed to cerebus, so this site might
also be referred to accidently by its old name, 'teetot'.

Name: The Jayhawk series archive sites
Address: []
Info Updated: 1-May-1991
Notes: Mary Kuhner's <mkkuhner@********> Jayhawk series
of stories (high quality shadowrun writeups) are available in
several archive sites. Mary has offered to mail the stories if
you can't get to one of the servers.

file: /pub/frp/shadowrun/jayhawk

site2: []
directory: /pub/frp/stories/jayhawk

Name: Australian FRP Archive
Address: in /pub/frp/shadowrun
Contact: Aaron Wigley <wigs@****>
Info Updated: 09-Dec-1992
Notes: This site contains mirrors of Shadowrun sites, as well as
unique information. Submissions should follow guidelines
shown when connecting to the site about uploading
material. Please limit your accesses to between 0800 GMT
and 2300 GMT (1800 - 0900 AEST).

Contact: Hubert Bartels <hgb@********>
Notes: This site contains information and archives from the
usenet newsgroup alt.cyberpunk.chatsubo. It also archives
materials from ShadowTalk, in ascii format.



Shadowtalk is an interactive fiction mailing list based on
Shadowrun. Members of the list post as characters in genre, and
by responding to each other's posts "in character", stories are
developed. These stories may then be used by players and GMs
alike as a basis for contacts, NPCs, and adventure plots in their
own campaigns.

There is a small companion ShadowTK FAQ that is posted to ShadowRN
once a month. A copy of the complete FAQ can also be requested
from Robert Hayden <hayden@*******>. It contains
full information on how to subscribe as well as information on
posting formats and periodic supplemental distributions of

PLOT-D is a supplemental discussion list for ShadowTalk. The
purpose of PLOT-D is to discuss (as the name obviously implies)
plotlines. It also handles discussion of administrative issues in
order to not clog SHADOWTK or SHADOWRN with only remotely related

NERPS (Net Enhancements for Role Playing ShadowRun) is a mailing
list that serves as a committee base for a group of individuals
spending time organizing and writing up a series of net.shadowrun
manuals. These manuals contain everything from new races and
spells to new technology and alternate magic systems.

The specific project the list is currently working on varies and
full details can be found in the monthly NERPS FAQ, or a copy of
the FAQ can be requested from J.D. Falk <jdfalk@****.com>.

FASA's new fantasy RPG, Earthdawn, has its own mailing list. This
list covers all aspects of Earthdawn (rules, setting, campaigns,
etc) plus the crossovers to ShadowRun.

To subscribe to the list, send the following message to

subscribe earthdawn

List Owner: Chris Ryan <chrisr@****>

On Usenet, there are a series of cyberpunk-related newsgroups.
These groups have little to do with ShadowRun, per se, but they do
have discussions of the cyberpunk genre of fiction and its
implications on current and future society.

This is a general group for discussion cyberpunkish topics.
May range from cinema to politics to tends in philosophical

This group is devoted to the writing of cyberpunk fiction.
Several stories are posted periodic in installment fashion and
critiques are welcome.

This newsgroup discusses the societal impact of the cyberpunk
This group is devoted to discussions of new technologies
that the birth of a cyber age will bring about.

This is a Usenet newsgroup set aside for discussion of the
cyberpunk genre of role-playing games. Discussions in this group
include not only ShadowRun, but also CyberSpace, CyberPunk 2020,
GURPS Cyberpunk, and many others.

G. Shadowrun World Wide Web Pages
There are two known ShadowRun WWW pages. These can be accessed
with web browsers, such as Mosaic or Lynx.

Paolo Marcucci <marcucci@***>

Mark Imbriaco <mark@**>

At times, information related to this mailing list or the NERPS
mailing list can be found on other pages as well, including

J.D. Falk <jdfalk@****.com>

H. Real-World Addresses of ShadowRN Listmembers
Michael Knabusch <MKNABUSCH@****.ALBION.EDU> has compiled a list
of snail-mail addresses of various list members. Contact him if
you want a copy of the compendium, or want to get your name and
address appended to it.

I. ShadowRun MUSH
There is a Shadowrun-Themed MUSH set up. At last word, it is open
for public use.

The address is: 4201

J. FASA Email Addresses
The follow two email addresses have been reported to eventually
end up before the eyes of somebody associated intimately with FASA:



6. MISCELLANEOUS Shadowrun Information

A. Recommended Non-FASA Gaming Supplements
In addition to the standard FASA-published materials, there are a
great number of sourcebooks available for other games and systems that
can provide a good many ideas for inclusion in your Shadowrun world.
To this end, included is a listing of many of these books.

NOTE: Use of these books will change Shadowrun (for example, by
adding spaceflight and other ultra-high technology), and it
is recommended only for expierienced GMs.

Car Wars: Uncle Alberts Auto Stop & Gunnery Shop catalog from hell
(Steve Jackson Games)
Compendium of Contemporary Weapons (Palladium Books)
Cyberpunk 2020
Edge of the Sword #1: Compendium of Modern Firearms (R. Talsorian)
Guide to the Net (R. Talsorian)
GURPS: CyberPunk (Loyd Blankenship)
Cyberworld (Paul Hume)
Espionage (Thomas M. Kane)
Illuminati (Nigel D. Findley)
Special Ops
Terradyne (Russell Brown and Mark Waltz)
Vehicles (David Pulver)
Lawnmower Man RPG (Leading Edge Games)
MegaTraveller (Game Designers' Workshop)
Neo-Anarchists Guide to Everything Else (Jerry Stratton / Tony Moller)
Net Enchancements for Role-Playing Shadowrun (Robert A. Hayden)
Paranoia (West End Games)
Protect & Serve (R. Talsorian)
Shatterzone (West End Games)
Top Secret/SI: G4 File: Guns, Gadgets, Getaway Gear (T$R)
Twilight 2000 2nd ed: Heavy Weapons Handbook (Game Designers' Workshop)
Vampire: the Masquerade (White Wolf Games)

SPECIAL MENTIONS: (Non Role-Playing)
Basically anything written by William Gibson
Hacker Crackdown, The (Bruce Sterling)
US Cavalry Catalog [Military Surplus]


7. MISCELLANEOUS (and sometimes unrelated) INFORMATION

A. Dealing with large amounts of ShadowRN mail
It is not uncommon for ShadowRN to generate up to 75 messages a
day. This can be quite a load to deal with, especially if you do
not get on daily. There exist a couple of ways to possibly deal
with the large quantities of mail. These are by no means perfect,
but might be helpful.

1. Digesting
By using the 'set mail digest' command, you are able to
reduce the number of mailings you receive to only one message
per day. It also reduces the overall size of the days mail
by about 1k per message, as you only get one set of headers.
[See part I:1-F for instructions]. This can be a substantial
savings for a busy day.

2. Filtering
Some computer systems allow you to have your incoming mail
pass through a filter. This filter will allow you to sort
or delete mail based on subject or sender or many other
parameters. The exact requirements vary by system, but for
UNIX systems, check out the program called 'filter', which
is provided as part of the ELM mail package, or use archie
to locate the the program 'procmail', which serves a similiar
function, as well as providing more abilities.

To sort your ShadowRN mail, you want to sort by who the mail
is addressed TO, as the listserv maintains the from line as
being the person that wrote the posting.

The following entries can be used to use the ELM filter
program to sort your mail. 'folderpath' is the exact path
of the folder that mail is eventually sorted into:

-- begin --
# entries for filtering all four mailing lists
if (to "Multiple recipients of list NERPS") ? save folderpath
if (to "Multiple recipients of list SHADOWRN") ? save folderpath
if (to "Multiple recipients of list SHADOWTK") ? save folderpath
if (to "Multiple recipients of list PLOT-D") ? save folderpath
-- end --

B. What is PGP?
From time to time, you will see persons who post to shadowRN with
messages containing references to PGP, or containing PGP signatures.
PGP is a program available for Mac, DOS, VMS and UNIX that will
provide two important functions.

1) It provides the ability to encrypt a message so that
only the recipient can decode the document.
2) It provides the ability to attach a digital signature
that can be used to verify that the mailing originated
with that person, and isn't forged (mail is
notoriously easy to forge).

Check out the newsgroup or the cypherpunks
mailing list for additional discussion on the program and for
places to get it.

C. What is the Geek Code?
You will see several signatures on ShadowRN that contain a goofy
looking line labeled as 'The Geek Code'. The geek code, written by
our Fearless Leader Robert Hayden, began as a parody of the other
famous internet 'codes' and allows one to codify their various
geekish attributes.

The geek code is online and you can finger Robert Hayden
<hayden@*******> for the current location, or
contact him direct if you don't have access to a finger daemon.

D. Cypherpunks Mailing list

>From the Cypherpunks Introduction:
The cypherpunks list is a forum for discussing personal defenses
for privacy in the digital domain.

Often, you will see articles reposted to ShadowRN from
cypherpunks, or it will be referenced in other ways. If you have
any interest in the politics of information privacy, cryptography,
and the future of the "information superhighway", this is a very
good forum to be part of.

To join, send a message to majordomo@****.com containing the word
'help' (subject is ignored) and go from there.

E. The Electronic Frontier Foundation

>From the EFF's Introduction material:
The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) was founded in July of
1990 to ensure that the principles embodied in the [U.S.]
Constitution and the Bill of Rights are protected as new
communications technologies emerge. [NOTE: the EFF is based in
the United States.]

Since its inception, EFF has worked to shape our nation's
communications infrastructure and the policies that govern it in
order to maintain and enhance First Amendment, privacy and other
democratic values. We believe that our overriding public goal must
be the creation of [an] Electronic Democracy.

For more information, send email to: info@***.org

E. Additional FTP sites for Role-Playing materials (some non-SR)
The following FTP sites have been identified as containing
role-playing materials:



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