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Message no. 1
From: graht1@*****.com (Graht)
Subject: Admin: Shadowrun Lists Netiquette Guidelines
Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2006 15:59:22 -0700
Yeah, I know the list is slow. But I'm an Admin, and you're a member,
and there are guidelines, and it's been a while since I posted these,
so... :)

Shadowrun Lists Netiquette Guidelines

Stay On Topic

Please help us provide a high signal-low noise list by posting on
topic (posts which are relevant to Shadowrun). If a thread does drift
off-topic, please add an [OT] tag to the beginning of the Subject:
line of the thread.

At their discretion the List Admin or a member of GridSec may issue a
notice to kill an OT thread. If the List Admin or GridSec kill an off
topic thread it will be allowed to expire over the course of 24 hours
after the issuance of the kill notice. If, after 24 hours, the thread
continues the List Admin will start unsubscribing those members who
are continuing to participate in the thread.

Posting Ads on the List

The Shadowrun mailing lists accept commercial advertising for payment.
We offer a fee waiver if you can show us the canceled check for a
$1000 (US) or more donation to the Electronic Frontier Foundation. One
donation per advertisement, please. In lieu of making a donation to
the EFF, you may pay $1999 (US) to the list owner.

By the act of posting your advertisement you agree to accept
responsibility for the fee, you agree to indemnify the mailing list
owner against any legal claims from you or others in connection with
your advertisement, and you agree to pay any legal and business
expenses incured in collecting late payment. Our liability to you is
limited to a good-faith effort to deliver your message.

Reduced rates and/or waiver of fee are available for Shadowrun related
advetisements. You must consult the mailing list owner in advance of
posting for any reduction or waiver of the advertisement fee.

Failure to pay for an advertisement will result in a permanent ban of
membership with any or all of the Shadowrun mailing lists.

Emoticons (AKA Smileys :)

Watch how you express your emotions and humor within email. Due to the
lack of vocal and nonverbal cues to our speech here, we often need
something extra to read into a message what was intended. Use of
emoticons in one form or another is highly recommended to reduce

Edit Replies

When replying to a message sent to the list, you should remove as much
of the original message from your reply as is practical. Please
include only that part of the original post which is necessary to
provide a logical flow from the question to the answer.

Identify the original sender by leading the post with a "John wrote:"
style of identification. In the event your mailer is not capable of
this, retention of a portion of the signature to serve as an
identifier of the original poster is allowed. Do not quote the entire
signature, just the line(s) identifying the original poster.

Use ">" style quotes to identify the original post.

Place your replies after/below the quoted text of the original post.
This allows readers to follow the flow of post and reply in a logical
sequence, and/or place your replies between quoted paragraphs where

Column Width

Limit the line length of your posts to 65-70 characters across. If you
can, please adjust the word wrap/column width setting on your mailer
to 70. Otherwise, some older email programs will wrap the text at the
wrong point when displaying your post, or not at all.

One Liners and Me too's

Please take a moment to ask yourself how much you are contributing to
a thread with a reply containing only 'me too', 'LOL' or similar

Private vs List Mail

When replying to a message please take a moment to consider whether
it's of general interest to the list. Posts that do not contribute to
thread content, are aimed at a single individual, or do not contribute
to increase the knowledge base of the list members, should be sent by
private email to the member concerned.

Chain Letters

Do not send chain letters (such as the Good Times Virus, the Neman
Marcus Cookie Recipe, the Snowball Fight, etc) to ShadowRN. If you
think it is necessary to post to the list please check with the List
Admin or a member of GridSec first.
* * Good source of
information on the Hoaxes (Good Times, AOL4FREE) that are circulating.
* * Information on some of the Urban
legends (Organ Theft is the most known one)

Actionable Guidelines

Mail Attachements, HTML and Styled Posts

Do not send email attachements to any of the Shadowrun mailing lists.
Attachements can contain viruses, and are also a waste of bandwidth.
If you have something you want to share, put it on a web site and send
the URL to the list. Or, offer to email it privately on a by-request

Also, since some mailers interpret a forward as an attachment, a good
alternative is to copy & paste text from a document into a normal
email post. If the message is rather long, add a statement to that
effect in the Subject: line (Subject: New cyberwear (long)).

Many current email clients are set up to send mail in other than plain
text format by default, RTF, HTML, attached files, etc. These settings
render email unreadable by some members of this list and are a large
strain on bandwidth.

Some listmembers access their mail from work, and due to the
possibility of downloading a virus or other nasties, having an
attachment from a post from the list can result them in being fired
from their job. Drastic, I know, but not when you consider the damage
an attachment with a virus can do to a LAN.

Use of these features is therefore forbidden when sending mail to the
list. If you need help disabling non-plain text formating, please
contact a member of GridSec for help.


Posting extremely foul or abusive language aimed at a fellow list
member is forbidden. This includes obscenities, verbal harassment, or
comments that would prove offensive based on race, religion, or sexual

Slandering a Company or Individual

Do not use thw Shadowrun mailing lists to slander or otherwise attack
a Company or Individual. This rule does not include flames. It is
reserved for instances where the content of the post is such that the
individual or company under discussion may be harmed in their ability
to continue to survive as a business entity or where their ability to
conduct business is put in jeapordy. This includes accusations of
illegal and unethical activity.

Off-Limits Discussions

Due to the fact that every time they get brought up in any fashion and
a cinder war begins, the following topics are not to be continued: OS
debates, Mailer debates, Religious debates, as well as some other list
specific topics. Some of these can be found as stories written by
listmembers and can be found in the Tolmwappers Lecture Circle found
on this site.

Copyrighted Material

Do not quote copyrighted material outside of fair use guidelines. You
may quote rules or small sections from a FASA publication to support
your point or disprove someone else's, but do not post significant
portions of a FASA publication to the list.

All private e-mail is considered to be copyrighted by the original
author. If you post private e-mail to the list, in whole or in part,
you must include the author's permission to post the material

Spam and Harrasement

You may not use addresses obtained from the Shadowrun mailing lists to
harass others, or to send them offensive, abusive or commercial email.
If you believe you have received such a message, please forward it to
the List Admin and GridSec with full headers for investigation.

Members who repeatedly violate the policies and disrupt the use of the
list by others will be dealt with on a case by case basis, but action
can include (but are not limited to): temporary unsubscription from
the list, permanent unsubscription from the list, and notification to
the violator's sysadmin or service provider.

If we can all adhere to these few guidelines, posting will be a bit
more uniform and we'll have everyone in the same netiquette pool.

Message no. 2
From: bullcon@*****.com (Bull)
Subject: Admin: Shadowrun Lists Netiquette Guidelines
Date: Sun, 5 Nov 2006 09:27:21 -0500
>>>Copyrighted Material

Do not quote copyrighted material outside of fair use guidelines. You
may quote rules or small sections from a FASA publication to support
your point or disprove someone else's, but do not post significant
portions of a FASA publication to the list.<<<

May wanna update this at some point to include FanPro and Wizkids :)


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