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Message no. 1
From: Toubrouk@*********.ca (Toubrouk)
Subject: Aggresion cyberware Message
Date: Sat, 27 Aug 2005 23:28:46 -0400
On Sat, 27 Aug 2005 13:53:50, MATT wrote:

>Idea from The Forever War novel by Joe Haldeman.
>Short entry, for those who don't know the comic / book.
>Before landing, recruits obtain strong dose of drugs - which change them
>in furious berserkers (idea of Army: change ordinary, normal Joe into
>death squat).

I am a great fan of "The Forever War" and i remember that particular
scene. The thing is; i also remember that this type of tactic got thrown
to the trash after the assault because of the large number of friendly
fire incidents and the many suicides due to post traumatic stress disorder.

>Fearless warior is dream of any general.
>Why not a cyber/bioware which will remove soldiers fears and doubts?

Circl send a excellent message on that subject. Generals will take
cautious soldiers who obey orders over berserks any day.

Even more, with the technologically advanced battlefield, not pushing a
button because you are busy beating an enemy soldier into pulp with your
own gun can be counterproductive...

>I don't think that mix of adrenaline pump / trauma damper will do the
>Maybe with some control chip and strong testosterone injector.
Okay, now for the mechanics.

Do you want your (Soldier, Victim, pick one) to survive throughout the

If you couldn't care less if the poor bloke survive, the solution is
simple: a potent cocktail of Kamikaze, Nitro and a powerful hallucinogen
drug kept at bay into a slowly dissolving capsule tucked in somewhere in
the body. the capsule is timed to release the drugs at a special time.
You will have a time walking bomb right there.

The chip option is a good idea. In the book "When Gravity Fails" by
George Alec Effinger, the main hero got exposed to that technology
through a chipped program. It can be easily done in Shadowrun with some
creative simsense programing. I just can imagine how twisted it could be
to just put a trafficked "Berserk Chip" in a corporate office to replace
a usually inoffensive knowsoft chip. Instant postal dude in the legal
department! :)

If you care about the guy, here's the best way i think you can pull that
stunt. you fill the guy with pain editors, gave him a specialized
chipjack and a reusable auto injector, both triggered at distance. The
chipjack contain the berseker program and the auto injector contain a
dose of Laés. The pain editor keep him going, the program turn him
berserk and the laés injection after the rage help him not getting any
case of post traumatic stress disorder.

In all honesty i don't see the upside of a Shadowrunner with this
set-up. It seems more fitting on a CyberZombie. I just can't imagine the
mess a berserk chip and a Invoked memory stimulator can do together...
Message no. 2
From: loneeagle@******** (Lone Eagle)
Subject: Aggresion cyberware Message
Date: Sun, 28 Aug 2005 10:34:57 +0100
At 04:28 AM 8/28/2005, Toubrouk wrote:
>In all honesty i don't see the upside of a Shadowrunner with this set-up.
>It seems more fitting on a CyberZombie. I just can't imagine the mess a
>berserk chip and a Invoked memory stimulator can do together...

I would suggest that making one's cyberzombie Berserk would probably be
counterproductive - if you make it want to fight it's quite likely to fight
the enchantments which hold it into the husk which was once its body when
it isn't fighting anything else. Cybermancy is hard enough as it is -
without added complications.

Lone Eagle
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