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From: "Robert A. Hayden" <hayden@*******.MANKATO.MSUS.EDU>
Subject: ALERT: Senate speeds towards Telecom Reform bill and Decency Act
Date: Tue, 6 Jun 1995 15:34:44 -0500
This isn't relevant to SR, but it is important. Cope

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Date: Tue, 06 Jun 1995 11:41:02 -0700
From: John Gilmore <gnu@****.com>
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Subject: ALERT: Senate speeds towards Telecom Reform bill and Decency Act


Update: -Senate changes gears, we're caught with little time
-What You Can Do Now (US and non-US citizens)

June 6, 1995


Distributed by the Voters Telecommunications Watch (vtw@***.org)

The Latest News
What You Can Do Now -- U.S. and non-U.S. citizens
Senate Contact List
For More Information
List Of Participating Organizations


The Senate is ready to act on the Telecommunications Reform Bill this
week, perhaps as soon as Wednesday, June 7th. We had thought the
Counter Terrorism bill would take all week, but the Senate changed its
schedule without consulting us. :-)

(We sincerely apologize for issuing another alert on the heels of the
prior one, but the Senate's readiness to move on this legislation was
not anticipated. We'll watch out for such a situation again and avoid
releasing two alerts to close together in the future. We also apologize
for the length of this Alert, but it contains the entire Senate contact

Note that there are few people who don't know about the bill. However
if you are unfamiliar with the bill, take a moment to retrieve the
materials listed in the "For More Information" section.

WHAT YOU CAN DO NOW -- U.S. and non-U.S. citizens

The Telecomm Reform Bill, will, in all likelihood, include either the
Exon Amendment (formerly the Communications Decency Act) or the Leahy
Amendment. It is essential that the Leahy language be substituted for
Exon's, and therefore it is essential:

1. That all citizens call or fax their Senators as soon as possible.
There is no time for written letters and email is too easily
discounted or ignored. Non-U.S. citizens should contact Vice
President Gore. Note, if you decide to send a fax, you'll want to
write an expanded version of the statement below.

It's very important that you always be cool, collected, and polite.

U.S. citizens:

<call your Senators' offices, contact info below>
"Hello, Senator ________'s office"
"Hi, I'm a constituent and would like to register my
opinion on the Telecommunications Reform bill to the
"Hold On please. Alright, go ahead."
"Please vote to remove the Communications Decency Act provision
(Title 4 of S652) from the Telecomm Reform bill and
replace it with the Leahy alternative (S714). My name and
address is ________."
"Thanks for calling."

Non-U.S. citizens:
<call, fax, or send email to Vice President Gore>
"Dear Vice President Gore,

The world looks to the United States as one leader in
developing a Global Information Infrastructure. Title 4 of
the Telecomm Reform bill (the Communications Decency Act)
imperils that leadership. Please work to remove it from the
Telecomm Reform bill (S652) and replace it with Senator
Leahy's sensible alternative (S714). I'm calling from

2. Send VTW a note telling us what you did. If you contacted your two
Senators, send a letter to vtw@***.org with a subject line of
"XX ack" where "XX" is your state. For example:

To: vtw@***.org
Subject: OH ack

I called my Ohio Senators and expressed my opinion.

If you contact Senators outside your state, please let us know what
state you're from.

If you contacted Vice President Gore, send a letter to vtw@***.org with
a subject line of "gore ack". For example:

To: vtw@***.org
Subject: gore ack

I called VP Gore and expressed my opinion. I'm from France.

An automatic responder will return an updated contact tally.

3. Forward this Alert to relevant forums on other online services and
BBS's. Check the letter you get back to see which Senators are
underrepresented by citizen contacts. Forward the Alert to any
friends and colleagues in those states.

4. If you haven't yet signed the petition to support Sen. Leahy,
do so now. Send mail to vtw@***.org with a subject line of
"send petition" for directions.

5. Congratulate yourself! Your two-minute activism joins that of many
thousands of others over the past two months.


Vice President Gore can be reached at:

White House comment line
Telephone: (202) 456-1111 (M-F 9-5 EST)
Facsimile: (202) 456-2461 (M-F 9-5 EST)
Email: vice-president@**********.gov

US Senate Listing:

D ST Name (Party) Phone Fax
= == ============ ===== ===
R AK Murkowski, Frank H. 1-202-224-6665 1-202-224-5301
R AK Stevens, Ted 1-202-224-3004 1-202-224-1044
D AL Heflin, Howell T. 1-202-224-4124 1-202-224-3149
R AL Shelby, Richard C. 1-202-224-5744 1-202-224-3416
D AR Bumpers, Dale 1-202-224-4843 1-202-224-6435
D AR Pryor, David 1-202-224-2353 1-202-224-8261
R AZ Kyl, Jon 1-202-224-4521 1-202-224-2302
R AZ McCain, John 1-202-224-2235 1-202-228-2862
D CA Boxer, Barbara 1-202-224-3553 na
D CA Feinstein, Dianne 1-202-224-3841 1-202-228-3954
D CO Campbell, Ben N. 1-202-224-5852 1-202-225-0228
R CO Brown, Henry 1-202-224-5941 1-202-224-6471
D CT Dodd, Christopher J. 1-202-224-2823 na
D CT Lieberman, Joseph I. 1-202-224-4041 1-202-224-9750
D DE Biden Jr., Joseph R. 1-202-224-5042 1-202-224-0139
R DE Roth Jr. William V. 1-202-224-2441 1-202-224-2805
D FL Graham, Robert 1-202-224-3041 1-202-224-2237
R FL Mack, Connie 1-202-224-5274 1-202-224-8022
D GA Nunn, Samuel 1-202-224-3521 1-202-224-0072
R GA Coverdell, Paul 1-202-224-3643 1-202-228-3783
D HI Akaka, Daniel K. 1-202-224-6361 1-202-224-2126
D HI Inouye, Daniel K. 1-202-224-3934 1-202-224-6747
D IA Harkin, Thomas 1-202-224-3254 1-202-224-7431
R IA Grassley, Charles E. 1-202-224-3744 1-202-224-6020
R ID Craig, Larry E. 1-202-224-2752 1-202-224-2573
R ID Kempthorne, Dirk 1-202-224-6142 1-202-224-5893
D IL Moseley-Braun, Carol 1-202-224-2854 1-202-224-2626
D IL Simon, Paul 1-202-224-2152 1-202-224-0868
R IN Coats, Daniel R. 1-202-224-5623 1-202-224-8964
R IN Lugar, Richard G. 1-202-224-4814 1-202-224-7877
R KS Dole, Robert 1-202-224-6521 1-202-224-8952
R KS Kassebaum, Nancy L. 1-202-224-4774 1-202-224-3514
D KY Ford, Wendell H. 1-202-224-4343 1-202-224-0046
R KY McConnell, Mitch 1-202-224-2541 1-202-224-2499
D LA Breaux, John B. 1-202-224-4623 na
D LA Johnston, J. Bennett 1-202-224-5824 1-202-224-2952
D MA Kennedy, Edward M. 1-202-224-4543 1-202-224-2417
D MA Kerry, John F. 1-202-224-2742 1-202-224-8525
D MD Mikulski, Barbara A. 1-202-224-4654 1-202-224-8858
D MD Sarbanes, Paul S. 1-202-224-4524 1-202-224-1651
R ME Snowe, Olympia 1-202-224-5344 1-202-224-6853
R ME Cohen, William S. 1-202-224-2523 1-202-224-2693
D MI Levin, Carl 1-202-224-6221 na
R MI Abraham, Spencer 1-202-224-4822 1-202-224-8834
D MN Wellstone, Paul 1-202-224-5641 1-202-224-8438
R MN Grams, Rod 1-202-224-3244 1-202-224-9931
R MO Bond, Christopher S. 1-202-224-5721 1-202-224-8149
R MO Ashcroft, John 1-202-224-6154 na
R MS Cochran, Thad 1-202-224-5054 1-202-224-3576
R MS Lott, Trent 1-202-224-6253 1-202-224-2262
D MT Baucus, Max 1-202-224-2651 na
R MT Burns, Conrad R. 1-202-224-2644 1-202-224-8594
R NC Faircloth, D. M. 1-202-224-3154 1-202-224-7406
R NC Helms, Jesse 1-202-224-6342 1-202-224-7588
D ND Conrad, Kent 1-202-224-2043 1-202-224-7776
D ND Dorgan, Byron L. 1-202-224-2551 1-202-224-1193
D NE Exon, J. J. 1-202-224-4224 1-202-224-5213
D NE Kerrey, Bob 1-202-224-6551 1-202-224-7645
R NH Gregg, Judd 1-202-224-3324 1-202-224-4952
R NH Smith, Robert 1-202-224-2841 1-202-224-1353
D NJ Bradley, William 1-202-224-3224 1-202-224-8567
D NJ Lautenberg, Frank R. 1-202-224-4744 1-202-224-9707
D NM Bingaman, Jeff 1-202-224-5521 na
R NM Domenici, Pete V. 1-202-224-6621 1-202-224-7371
D NV Bryan, Richard H. 1-202-224-6244 1-202-224-1867
D NV Reid, Harry 1-202-224-3542 1-202-224-7327
D NY Moynihan, Daniel P. 1-202-224-4451 na
R NY D'Amato, Alfonse M. 1-202-224-6542 1-202-224-5871
D OH Glenn, John 1-202-224-3353 1-202-224-7983
R OH Dewine, Michael 1-202-224-2315 1-202-224-6519
R OK Inhofe, James 1-202-224-4721
R OK Nickles, Donald 1-202-224-5754 1-202-224-6008
R OR Hatfield, Mark O. 1-202-224-3753 1-202-224-0276
R OR Packwood, Robert 1-202-224-5244 1-202-228-3576
R PA Santorum, Rick 1-202-224-6324 1-202-228-4991
R PA Specter, Arlen 1-202-224-4254 1-202-224-1893
D RI Pell, Claiborne 1-202-224-4642 1-202-224-4680
R RI Chafee, John H. 1-202-224-2921 na
D SC Hollings, Ernest F. 1-202-224-6121 1-202-224-4293
R SC Thurmond, Strom 1-202-224-5972 1-202-224-1300
D SD Daschle, Thomas A. 1-202-224-2321 1-202-224-2047
R SD Pressler, Larry 1-202-224-5842 1-202-224-1259*
R TN Thompson, Fred 1-202-224-4944 1-202-228-3679
R TN Frist, Bill 1-202-224-3344 1-202-224-8062
R TX Hutchison, Kay Bailey 1-202-224-5922 1-202-224-0776
R TX Gramm, Phil 1-202-224-2934 1-202-228-2856
R UT Bennett, Robert 1-202-224-5444 1-202-224-6717
R UT Hatch, Orrin G. 1-202-224-5251 1-202-224-6331
D VA Robb, Charles S. 1-202-224-4024 1-202-224-8689
R VA Warner, John W. 1-202-224-2023 1-202-224-6295
D VT Leahy, Patrick J. 1-202-224-4242 1-202-224-3595
R VT Jeffords, James M. 1-202-224-5141 na
D WA Murray, Patty 1-202-224-2621 1-202-224-0238
R WA Gorton, Slade 1-202-224-3441 1-202-224-9393
D WI Feingold, Russell 1-202-224-5323 na
D WI Kohl, Herbert H. 1-202-224-5653 1-202-224-9787
D WV Byrd, Robert C. 1-202-224-3954 1-202-224-4025
D WV Rockefeller, John D. 1-202-224-6472 na
R WY Simpson, Alan K. 1-202-224-3424 1-202-224-1315
R WY Thomas, Craig 1-202-224-6441 1-202-224-3230


For more information on the Communications Decency Act, visit the
following resources:

Web Sites

FTP Archives

Gopher Archives:

vtw@***.org (put "send help" in the subject line)
cda-info@***.org (General CDA information)
cda-stat@***.org (Current status of the CDA)


In order to use the net more effectively, several organizations have
joined forces on a single Congressional net campaign to stop the
Communications Decency Act.

In alphabetical order:

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) infoaclu@****.org
American Communication Association (ACA) comminfo@******
American Council for the Arts
Arts & Technology Society cyberguy@****.com
biancaTroll productions bianca@******.com
Californians Against Censorship Together BobbyLilly@***.com
Center For Democracy And Technology (CDT) info@***.org
Centre for Democratic Communications (CDC) cshariff@*****
Center for Public Representation (CPR) mgpritch@********
Computer Communicators Association community@******
Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility cpsr@****.org
Cross Connections staff@*****.com
Cyber-Rights Campaign cyber-rights@****.org
CyberQueer Lounge tomh@*********.org
Electronic Frontier Canada (EFC) efc@*********
Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) info@***.org
Electronic Frontier Foundation - Austin eff-austin@***.com
Electronic Frontiers Australia (EFA) efa-info@***
Electronic Frontiers Houston (EFH) efh@***.org
Electronic Frontiers New Hampshire (EFNH) efnh@**.com
Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) info@****.org
Feminists For Free Expression (FFE) FFE@***.com
First Amendment Teach-In croth@********
Florida Coalition Against Censorship pipking@****
FACTS (Friendly Anti-Censorship Taskforce for Students)
Hands Off! The Net baby-x@*******.com
Human Rights Watch (HRW) infohrw@***.org
Inland Book Company David1756@***.com
Inner Circle Technologies, Inc. aka. NovaLink
Inst. for Global Communications igc-info@***.org
National Libertarian Party 73163.3063@**********.com
Libertarian Party (national) (LP) lphq@******
Marijuana Policy Project MPProject@***.com
Metropolitan Data Networks Ltd.
MindVox system@*******.com
National Bicycle Greenway cycleam@******.com
National Coalition Against Censorship (NCAC) ncac@******.com
National Public Telecomputing Network (NPTN) info@****.org
National Writers Union (UAW Local 1981 AFL-CIO) kip@*****
Oregon Coast Rural Information Service Cooperative
Panix Public Access Internet info@*****.com
People for the American Way jlessern@*****.com
Rock Out Censorship TWieseROC@***.com
Society for Electronic Access sea@***.org
The Thing International BBS Network (TTNet) info@*****
The WELL info@****.com
Voters Telecommunications Watch (VTW) vtw@***.org

(Note: All 'Electronic Frontier' organizations are independent entities,
not EFF chapters or divisions.)

End Alert

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