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From: Luke Kendall <luke@********.CANON.OZ.AU>
Subject: Any news on the Australian SR source book?
Date: Thu, 30 Mar 1995 10:05:51 +1000
I just came across this article I'd saved off the net about this
time last year.

Has anyone heard any further news about its progress?


From: cs315992@***** (Robert Thiem)
Subject: Australian Sourcebook (was: Fields of Fire)
Date: 10 Apr 1994 18:12:51 +1000
Organization: Prentice Centre, University of Queensland
Lines: 60
Message-ID: <2o8ce3$4e2@*****>
Summary: Summary of Australian articles from Aust Realms magazine.
X-Newsreader: NN version 6.5.0 #2 (NOV)

A while back some articles were published in Australian Realms
magazine about the Australian SR setting. It came in four parts
(starting in issue 6 i think) and all up was about 12 pages.

If the magazine isn't lying to me, (and if my
brain is still working) the author (Colin Taber, who is also an

assistant editor) has been signed by FASA to write the Australian
sourcebook for SRII. This was at the beginning of '93, I think, so
hopefully it will be coming out early '95 (unless the project has
been killed). Here's what I can remember:

o About 2000 Australia becomes a republic.
o Australia becomes more closely tied to Asia.
o Most markets in Australia are comtrolled by two
corps (duopolies are almost universal due to small market)

o Australian govt protests in UN about UCAS Amerind relocation
and re-education. UN ignores protests. Australia's ties with Euro and
UCAS become weaker. Aust govt gains control of some of SE Asia after

civil unrest brings down local authorities.

o Mining corps in antarctic refuse to pay taxes to Australia.
Aust govt refuses to support them. Corps get supplies from elsewhere,
Aust govt quietly appologises to regain trade.

o Magic comes back. Aboriginal elders lead communities into the
outback. Outback communities attacked by plague of Bunyips (think
BIG, think NASTY, think BEASTIES). Govt errects Bunyip proof fence to
protect coastal settlements. Contact with inland settlements is lost,
despite efforts from Austrtalian military. Aboriginal people go back to
traditional ways and coexist with inland beasties.

o Elven nation of Tir Millae founded in northern territory and
Cape York. Elven magicians keep beasties at bay with some big barrier.

o Policlubs start up in Australia. Most dont take off as they did
in Europe or US (mainly because down here we're too damn appathetic).

This stuff was all pre-Mabo (a fed govt decision to return
native title to traditional owners of Australia which is I think still
being disputed by some of the states) so it will prob be written in

Aboriginal magicans were shamans and can do some really tricky
stuff by drawing on the power of the land. For instance the magic

spell "pointing the bone" wont kill right away but sooner or later
the land will get rid of the offending anomaly by striking with

lightning, snakebite, falling tree or bunyip attack.

(Aust Realms magazine is published in West Aust and also had a couple
of short Adventures set in the Perth walled city)

Oh yeah, New Zealand is taken over by the Mouris (spelling? - the native
NZ people) I think.

Anyway it looked like a pretty good setting, complete with
crazed guys running round the outback salvaging stuff and a

mysterious group tapping the cross country fiber optic network
which runs through the interior.

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