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Message no. 1
From: David Kelman <KELMAN@*****>
Subject: Re: Armor damage
Date: Wed, 22 Jul 92 09:12:00 EST
Is the armor completely trashed if it loses all it's ratings in one
area? What I mean is, if you have armor that is rated 4/1, and it takes it's
4 ballistic points, does it still have the impact point? If not, I'd hit the
character with a monowhip, which will trash just about anything, then hit the
character with your favorite weapon. In addition, using the RBB autofire rules,
ballistic armor is going to be trashed by almost any autofire weapon.
Realistic, but deadly, as you said. What do you do about Dermal plating or

David Kelman
Message no. 2
From: 92804168@***.UWPLATT.EDU
Subject: Re: Re: Armor Damage
Date: Sun, 26 Jul 92 23:03:00 CST
Sorry this reply has been so late in coming. I've been away for a while.

About the relation between ballistic/impact ratings and damage:
Basically, every 2 points of ballistic armor lost means that 1 point of impact
has been lost, and vice versa. Exceptions: as long as one point of ballistic
armor remains, there will be at least one point of impact. But, if all of the
ballistic is destroyed, then all the impact is gone too.

Please note that all this is *locational* It is possible to lose all armor off
of an arm or something and have 6 points left on your chest. Damage to one
location has NO EFFECT AT ALL on damage to another location.

Also, for damage to bioware and cyberware, I still use the main shadowrun rules
except that the location hit determines what systems may be damaged. Bioware
or cyberware that is of a full body type (such as wired reflexes) can be
damaged by a hit to any location, and if damaged, the _entire system_ is
considered damaged.

Like said before, this makes combat even more deadly, especially with lots
of automatic weapon fire flying around. This tends to make it much more likely
for a team of shadowrunners to actually flee an area, rather than stick around
and fight a building's entire security force. Remember though that not everyone
goes walking around Seattle with a HMG or a Panther assault cannon. For the
most part, the armor worn should be quite adequate to keep the character alive
through one or two gun battles. Characters will just have to buy patches and
new armor along with their resupply of ammo.

BTW, I charge 10% of the original cost of the armor to repair one point of
damage to any location.

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