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From: James Dening james.dening@****
Subject: Artiulacy on the list. (was a crack whore, but learned to work t
Date: Mon, 13 Nov 2000 09:19:07 -0000
Tenkilian quoth:

>>With regards to text, the analogy carries through. Some people take
>>care that their words are spelled correctly and their grammar is good,
>>others are a bit more casual about it, with occasional misspellings or
>>grammar. Some folk aren't used to English, so their posts generally look
>>bit weird, but they're still understandable, and don't stick out nearly as
>>badly as most of us would trying to converse in their language. And,
>>frankly, there are people who talk like a three-dollar crack whore... they
>>pay no attention to spelling, grammar, punctuation, or other such things
>>that present them in a good light.

This is very true. For most people for whom english is a second language,
make mistakes in their posting, but it's fairly obvious that it *is* their
language, and hence, it's perfectly understandable. For the record, as an
speaker, I am constantly ashamed of how few English people, or, for that
Americans, aussies, kiwis etc. speak another language. On the continent
that's Europe), *everyone* speaks two languages at least - most Danes I know
seem to speak Danish, English, French, and a couple of others -

Anyway, I digress. Certainly, if someone posts to the list with a total
for spelling and grammar, I am that bit more likely to not consider their
as thoroughly as I might. To be honest, I find it arduous to read doggerel
and most of the time I simply don't bother. It *does* predispose me to
arguments, opinions and the like, on the grounds that "Hey, if they can't be

bothered to spell or format properly, can they be a) bothered to construct a

coherent argument, and b) have the brains to actually participate decently
this conversation in the first place.

Sorry to rant slightly about this, but it *is* a particular gripe of mine -
the fact
that the internet, especially the fscking WaReZ style speech, seems to
be killing the english language, which is *so* versatile and intricate, and
in this read-only medium (think about it....!) is capable of extremely fine
graduations of meaning - surely the stock in trade of a non-verbal medium.

If you speak a lot to people, you learn to modulate your voice in subtle
ways - surely if you wish to write to a lot of people, you would want to
be able to articulate yourself literally.


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