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Message no. 1
From: XaOs [David Goth] xaos@*****.net
Subject: Art Publication Rights (was RE: Ballot Results - The People Have Spoken!)
Date: Wed, 7 Apr 1999 00:00:21 -0500
> I own the original of this picture. I bought it fair and
> square from Jim Nelson, the artist. Does that mean I have
> the right to say whether or not it can be on the shirt, or
> does Jim still own "intellectual property rights" to it?
> (Or maybe FASA does, if it was done as a 'work for hire'
> for them.)
> If the former, I'll freely give permission to use it (as long
> as it doesn't leave my possession during the scanning/
> whatever process, of course.) If the latter, then I guess
> it would take getting Jim's/FASA's permission to use it.

Generally, when you buy a piece of original art, you are told (or I would
likely assume, since I'm guessing more or less here, that you are given a
document) if you have any rights regarding those types of things.

I know that I've been to art auctions where it specifically states one way
or another, and I'd assume that this is common practice. I would definitely
_not_ assume that just because you have the original that you also have the
right to use the image for whatever you want.

I seem to remember this from past GenCons...whether on signs at the
auction/gallery, or in the program. Any GenCon regulars that have more info
along these lines?

-David Goth-

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