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Message no. 1
From: Mark Steedman <M.J.Steedman@***.RGU.AC.UK>
Subject: Assorted Gencon : was [GC] guest list
Date: Tue, 5 Aug 1997 16:17:54 GMT
Michael Broadwater writes

> Well, according to my schedule, Thursday at 2:00 p.m. (slot 2b) is the
> "What's Up with FASA?" seminar.
Take you pen and paper :)

> (Bull should be easy to find, just look for the guy asking Mike Mulvihill
> for the photocopt of RBB2 <g>.
Take laptop, scanner with OCR and masking tape, latter to prevent
FASA interference with use of former items :), hint hot data and a
pile of Shadowrunners, um :).........real fun combination.

> is the "Secrets of Shadowrun" seminar.
Again take notes, hint hint :)

> "Shadowrun Q&A"
I wonder what they did with the questions list they never wrote for
FASA last year ?

> Rasputin-the-going-to-GenCon-for-free-magekin
Does that mean your rich enough to pay for Fro :)

> Gencon count down: 1 days WooHoo!

Despite all the smilies i think its time to find a bunker and load
the automatic carp shooter :)

Enjoy yourselves and send the rest of us the report on FASA.


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