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From: The Powerhouse <P.C.Steele@*********.AC.UK>
Subject: Astral quests and wards anyone ?
Date: Mon, 6 Dec 1993 13:55:54 GMT
First off if anyone sent me anything personnally over the weekend you'll
probably need to resend it, our mail server is on the blink so all received
mail was bounced back.

Any thoughts on the astral quest / ward question ?

I asked as in a solo campaign I'm running with a player at the moment may only
be possible by such a method.

Basically the character is being blackmailed/threatened to do a job for an
anonymous Johnson. It's an assasination, but the target is currently on trial
for virutually everything in the book. He's being tried in a state where there
is no death penalty but certain individuals would like to see him dead (he's
linked to Alamos 20 000). I've more or less based the idea on the trial of
AJ from shadowtalk but given the courthouse alot more security. For one thing
no public are allowed in the courtroom, all proceedings are filmed by remote.
I've also erected a massive ward surrounding the whole courthouse, smaller
wards but more powerful covering actual courtrooms. There are watchers,
elementals and astrally patrolling mages abound. I have a helicoptor permantly
hovering above the site, the courtbuilding is surrounded by police cars to
keep the hordes of public away and there are 2 banshee LAVs on standby.

So as you see any sort of physical intrusion is going to be very difficult.
Fortunately the character is a mage and has decided to try and go in astrally
armed to the teeth with elementals and battle his way to the courtroom. The
problem with this approach is that as soon as a ward is attacked the casting
magicians will know about it and so send their security to that point. By
going on an astral quest equal to the rating of the ward you may be able to
circumvent the ward, at least that's what I think.

Really this is just to see wether or not you think such a thing is reasonable.
I got the idea from the London source book where one magical group is described
as trying to enter the Temple. 'They beefed up en masse and even went the
route of the metaplanes so that they could not be traced.' Which is how I
believe the quote went.

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