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Message no. 1
From: Bandito <ygershon@*******.EDU>
Subject: Astral Quests (was Re: Warp 13)
Date: Sat, 25 Jun 1994 16:49:52 -0700
Ahem. As I am an official player in Adam's Flailing-Death-But-Lotsa-Karma
campaign, I will GRIN widely in agreement. It can be an entire adventure
in itself just to get the party THROUGH the astral quest. Mind you, we
haven't even gotten from point A to point B yet (assuming point B is
where all the action is).

Astral Gateways also serve as good Emergency Exits if properly planned.
The party can have a spirit hang around and once things get too JUICY
(Adam's word), we bail.

As far as interesting stuff in Astral Quest. I'd have to say our party
has had its share of weirdness. Like that time my character wove a basket
out of mistletoe (in Stonehenge, mind you), lay down in the basket, and
together with the other party members in baskets assembled into the

(Get Ready)

The Sacrificial Voltron (I was the leg)
the term was coined by our rigger, who was the other leg in the Voltron.

And then we all died because our mage fried us with Rain Of Fire at 24D
or something nice like that.
Imagine my character's dismay when his large weapon collection (he's a
toymeister-merc) was deemed useless and was replaced by the all-useful
skill: Astral Basket Weaving (specialization Sacrificial Voltrons).

And I was loving every minute of it.

It was just like the time I....
Ah, but that's another story altogether... ;)

- Be Seeing Y6u
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On Sat, 25 Jun 1994, Adam Getchell wrote:

> "Transwarp" is *supposed* to be a combination of the transporter
> field and the warp field effect, with the result that velocity is Warp^5
> times the speed of light, instead of Warp^3. But they seemed to have
> changed it during Next Generation, and the old Star Fleet Technical
> Manual doesn't even agree with the new one on *phaser* operations, let
> alone warpdrive. Suffice it to say there's lots of handwaving and little
> consistency, technology-wise.
> To bring this to Shadowrun (sort of), have y'all ever gone on
> Astral Quests with Gateway and come back a different place where you
> left? I've let players (with the co-operation of Free Spirits, and the
> attendant karma sacrifice) go on Astral Quests to take them to other
> places; seems to work as a *reasonable* form of Teleportation. I just
> jack up the Quest Rating higher if they want to go somewhere *really*
> juicy. This seems to be how teleportation works in Earthdawn
> (Lightbearers of about 15th circle).
> Ah...ask some of the players what twisted things can be done with
> such.
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