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Message no. 1
From: Wafflemeisters <evamarie@**********.NET>
Subject: Auras + parts
Date: Wed, 13 May 1998 06:01:21 -0500
> They also did something
> where they could take pictures of people's auras. Don't ask how they
> did it, I don't know, I just thought it was really funky. They took
> a picture of a guy who had his arm amputated's aura and it showed
> the guy with a faint glow of his arm, which was in a different
> position than his new hooked arm. So if the body can remember the
> arm, can the arm remember the body? I guess I didn't help the
> subject very much...I'll just shut up now...

Thats not a hard question. NO. Generally, AFAIK, severed bits do not
show images of the greater whole when photgraphed with Kirlin proceses.
AFAIK, the theoretically SHOULD, due to the fractal / holographic nature
of "Chi" flow, so maybe the proces is to fault. Or maybe once the part
is removed from the whole, the Chi flow is as well.
Acupunturists have complex "chi" maps, and can "explain" why
produces the results it does, even using the stump as a site for
acupunture that would normally target the limb.
OTOH, I have a LOT more respect for acupunture than Kirlin
photography. There's crappy practioners of both, I guess... But those
"aura picture" booths at new age health fairs remind me of TO MUCH the
snake oil talismongers in SR... Could be a different thing, though...


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