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Message no. 1
From: Steve Collins <steve_collins@********.ALEWIFE.KODAK.COM>
Subject: Re: Awarding Karma (yes, ag
Date: Tue, 7 Jan 1997 16:57:04 U
Mail*Link® SMTP RE>>Awarding Karma (yes, again)

> I do have this nagging feeling that my awards might be lower than
>everyone elses since I still basically use my old Champions awards as my
>basis. Karma does take a while to build up in my game. Could I have a
>consensus on a typical game nights awards so we can create another hotly
>debated topic? (well it would give me a basis on how you run your
>campaigns and possibly, just possibly avoid future rants from me. No
>guarentee but it would help)

Well that depends on how difficult the run was. I never give game night =
awards karma is awarded only at the end of a run and since my group =
averages 2 to 3 nights to complete a run they only get it once every 2 to =
3 games. For a medium difficulty run I'll give the 1 pt for survival, up =
to 5 points for sucess (3 avg), and 2 pts for threat. That usually gets 6 =
to 8 Karma for everybody depending on how many objectives there were and =
how sucessful they were. then there are the individual awards which tend =
to hover around 2 to 4. Basically I just follow the guidelines in the =
book. The total award tends to be around 10 karma per scenario. The max a =
character got for one scenario that I can remember was 18. This was =
however a killer difficulty with 5 objectives all successfully =
accomplished and was the smartest player and best Roleplayer in the group. =
It took 6 game sessions to complete. The Run my players is currently on is =
going to probably top this by a little assuming any of them survive. They =
are going against Winternight from the Threats book. None of the players =
have read the Threats book so they are in the dark just like their =
characters. The main problem now is that the Winternight Cell that they =
are currently going against knows who they are but they have no clue =
whatsoever and the only one they had just died from a BTL induced Coronary =
Message no. 2
From: "Arno R. Lehmann" <arlehma@***.NET>
Subject: Re: Awarding Karma (yes, ag
Date: Wed, 8 Jan 1997 03:45:09 +0100
On Tue, 7 Jan 1997 16:57:04 U, Steve Collins wrote:

>That usually gets 6 to 8 Karma

That is what is usually awarded in my gaming group. I personally think
it is too much, when GMing I usually reward 4 to 5 karma for less
deadly runs and 6 to 7 when it's dangerous - and the players RPed.

-- Arno

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