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From: LDYTinne@***.com LDYTinne@***.com
Subject: Bear shifters vs. Bombs (Lots of damage)
Date: Mon, 12 Jun 2000 19:05:57 EDT
In a message dated 6/10/00 5:15:31 AM Central Daylight Time, arkades@****.com

>Do you mean every cell in the character's body, or did you -- for some
reason -- use the word "cell" to refer to each batch of explosives going
off in the area? I would like to see one GM who has the time to do the

I did mean the former. In other words no truly silly ability to survive
things that should just plain kill a person/character should be allowed. It
is a game and characters, especially in things like Shadowrun, can die
(horribly) and should if they are stupid or careless.

As to taking too much time ... raise the difficulty ridiculously or make 5
rolls raising the difficulty exponentially. This will cut down on the rolls
if players must be given their chance to survive sudden death. OR they
forfeit all of their Karma to date and survive teetering on the brink of
death and be laid up in the hospital for month = damage over flow in months

> If one botch is rolled the character is a thin red paste, no
> arguments, no mercy.

>...And this would then guarantee a botch regardless of the number of
you're rolling.

YUP :0)

Beyond the Gates of (Hel) Lies ...


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