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Message no. 1
From: Todd Montgomery <tmont@****.WVU.WVNET.EDU>
Subject: BioBeware 2
Date: Tue, 2 Feb 93 16:08:04 CET
As J Roberson pointed out the Boosted Reflexes are chemical
enhancements and should not be counted as cyberware and effect essence.
On this I disagree. As FASA says Boosted Reflexes (BR) are ELECTRO-Chemical
treatements that can't be upgraded or removed. The electro part is the
clincher. I assume the electrical treatment stimulates the nervous system
into a higher order state. The would definitely invade the body more than
synthetic enhanced organs. BR are the same concept as cyberware but the
pathways for current are gone. There is no implanted "circuit board" as in
normal cyberware. But the electrical treatment enhances the nervous systems
electro-chemical potential transfer system (nerve trunks and action potential)
to the point that the nerves are actually faster than normal and contain
custom chemicals (called neuro-transmitters) that speed the signals along
the nerve trunk.

This is my interpretation of the BR cyber item. The above is based on
a class I had on BioMedical Engineering. The teacher kind of explained
a concept like this to us that some people have been working on.

-- Quiktek

"What do ypou mean I'm not kind?
Just not your KIND"
- Dave Mustaine - "Peace Sells"
Message no. 2
From: "Jason Carter, Nightstalker" <CARTER@***.EDU>
Subject: RE: BioBeware 2
Date: Tue, 2 Feb 93 23:27:54 CET
You misunderstood J Roberson. He was minorly annoyed (and I was quite ticked)
at the GM's ruling that Boosted Reflexes would be treated as bioware. However
thanks for you intelligent reason on why it shouldn't be. It made all the sense
in the world.
Now I wonder if I should bring it up at the new game?

See Ya in Shadows,
Jason J Carter
The Nightstalker

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