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Message no. 1
From: IP25331@********.BITNET
Subject: Bioware and a comment
Date: Thu, 29 Oct 92 09:36:56 EST
This meant to be a general comment, not a flame. It seems to me that a lot
of you have too much Shadowtech in your campaigns. According to Shadowtech th
is is supposed to be very rare stuff, cutting edge. I think that that may be a
source of a lot of the arguments on the net is that different campaigns use di
fferent standards. For example, I would not allow (were I still using 1st edit
ion), the use of karma to buy an auto success for finding a clinic. On a side
note, the way I do karma pool is that if you earn more than 10 points of karma
on one run, then 1 point goes to the karma pool. I think that is what FASA int
eded, but that is only a personal opinion.


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