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Message no. 1
From: TENSEN2@***.com
Subject: Bioware and Essence loss.
Date: Sat, 30 Mar 1996 21:45:13 -0500
In a message dated 96-03-26 18:30:40 EST, you write:

>Magicians are even more sensitive to changes in their aural patterns,
>as it is their auras that shape and form magical energies into usable
>forms. This is not limited to the "unnatural" things such as
>cyberwear. Improperly healed wounds cause a similar disruption in the
>magician's aural pattern.

I like the reasoning in Cybertechnology. Though it is another vague
definition, it is very valid as a basis. P .66 in Cybertechnology is the
discussion of cybermancy and how it relates to the aural template..

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