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Message no. 1
From: Greet's <KSREC@******>
Subject: Bioware...Mages...Essences
Date: Fri, 2 Oct 92 08:01:26 -0900
Greet's Chummers....
That little rule also rubbed me the wrong way...Why does Magical
Active people lose Essences and no one else does...I know Why...But it's
not pratical...Just take a way one point of Magic just like Cyberwere with
out the lose of Essences...So the Mage has a point of essence to play with
with Cyberware or to have in case of wounds...Now if you already have
Cyberware you've already lose a point of Essence and if you get Bioware
you will lose yet another point from (Opps in the last line replace
Essence with Magic) Magic...So, Bioware first then Cyberware..Not
Cyberware first then Bioware....
What do you Mages think.....
-Ronald Cannon Decker/Mage

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