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Message no. 1
From: shadowrn@*********.com (Damion Milliken)
Subject: Bioware Penalties (was: Observation Resolution)
Date: Thu Feb 14 05:25:00 2002
Thanatos writes:

> <snippity snippity snippity snippity snip>
> But in this case, Jill's actions follow the pattern that's been burned
> into her nerves, a pattern reinforced by countless hours spent at the
> firing range. As the crowd turns in surprise, they're just in time to
> watch the waiter drop the bottle of champagne and collapse beneath a pair
> of JHP from Jill's Glock. The panicked wage slaves stampeed towards the
> doors as Jill lowers her weapon in growing horror at what she's done.

This is something that I feel they forgot in M&M. Back when Cybertechnology
first introduced the "jumping the gun" rule, I fairly quickly modified it to
take into account modifiers for characters with reflex triggers and
impulsive flaws. Things got to the situation where the team's Troll goon
went under the knife for some more reflex enhancers, and the rest of the
team conspired with the doc to get a switch put in on the back of his neck,
so that they might be able to turn him off. Of course, this situation didn't
please the Troll too much, so it had to be removed again. So after a number
of nasty "oops, I blew him away" incidents, the team made the Troll carry
rubber guns in his holsters, so that when he failed the test and quickdrew
them and tried to blow something away, all that would result was humour.
Fortunately, they very rarely actually ran into the problem of him having
rubber guns when he needed real ones. Although, those rubber guns were a bit
of a plot element unto themselves, especially when the team inadvertantly
visited Slipperies in Berlin...

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