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From: Damon Harper <nomad74@*******.COM>
Subject: Biz is biz [was Re: Books I can't find]
Date: Sat, 10 Jan 1998 06:07:51 PST
>Critter books are nice but not essential if you have the basic rules
>to give some ideas about the basic state of wildlife it's not that
>difficult to make up paranormal critters. BTW one of the local book
>stores in my area has one I can give the address and phone it you
>want it that bad...

I already have them :) I agree they are not essential, I never said
they were, but they do offer variation and flavor and expand on stuff
the PH already covers(Just like the Grimiore and Seattle SB do).

>They would not stop printing a book that sold well FASA still prints
>seattle source book after all.
>Source books are a funny beast, FASA in the business of making gaming
>materials and those that do not sell well and make money are going to
>discontinued. That is business but they have to walk a fine line
>providing new materials and keeping popular titles on the market...

yes, but it never ceases to amaze me. The more they try to streamline
their product, the less intrested I am in it- it's for this very reason
few of my games take place any time after 2055('94), because after that
their book quality kina plateaus...
I guess it just boils down to me not being intrested in what everyone
else is intrested in...

-Vagabond (nomad74@*******.com)
¹vag·a·bond \va-ge-bänd\ adj. 1: wandering, homeless
2: of, characteristic of, or leading the life of a vagrant
or tramp 3: leading an unsettled or irresponsible life

²vagabond n: one leading a vagabond life; esp : tramp

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