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Message no. 1
From: What ? <MCM@***.BRIGHTON.AC.UK>
Subject: Buildin them car thingies
Date: Wed, 25 Aug 1993 10:00:00 BST
What I've noticed (and had players ask) is that The rigger book doesn't actually
give the information on how to build a vehicle from scratch. We've had a go
at doing it ourselves but I wondered if anyone else has already done this
or any ideas on how to go about it. My knowledge of cars extends to it has four
wheels, an engine, some other bits and it costs lots of money to fix, oh yes
and it need petrol, lots of it. - Not very useful, really.

I just got through J Roberson stuff and like the ideas, but the problem, as I
see it, is that SR vehicles are constricted to mods made to the models in the
rule books and not being able to create new designs is quite restrictive.

Well is there anyone out there who can do this ?

Oh well, back to cleaning the floors, then.


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