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Message no. 1
From: Steven A. Tinner bluewizard@*****.com
Subject: Bull-digo/Wendi-Bull (Was Re: Thoughts on the "new" Stress system?)
Date: Mon, 29 Nov 1999 22:50:49 -0500
>> Actually, Bull's not in that bad of shape... After the "Wendogo
>> Bull didn't have a whole lot of Cyber or Bio...
>I think I missed this... I thought Bull was still grey and fluffy...
>How did he get re-orkified?

Ugh .. I'll try to give the brief version.
And before any newbies out there scream the "M" word.
Bite me! ;-)

Bull was rapidly succumbing to the HMVV and becomeing a Wendigo.
With the help of a friendly Street Doc, they managed to migrate Bull mind to
the Matrix.
Said SD also had a pre-infection tissue sample of Bull which was used to
clone a new, no-cyber or bio, uninfected Bull, with the intention of then
moving his mind into the tabula rasa clone body, after which the infected
body would be destroyed (actually the doc planned to use it in some
regeneration experiements, to try to develop that synthetic ghoul chow and
win the big Draco Foundation cash award!)

Here's where things got hinky.

During the mind copying procedure, a team of unknown deckers hit the docs
They proceeded to try to steal the dataflow containing Bull.
The Street Doc - who had limited decking skills (the procedure had been
automated by Bull prior to the start of the procedure) did the only thing he
could think of ... he copied the file containing Bull.
In fact in his panic, he copied it several times.
The end result was one copy of Bull in the old Wendigo body, and two copies
of Bull in the new clonanl body.
(Bull also learned later that a partial copy had been stolen by the deckers
who used it to create a new simesense/trideo game called "Bull's Big Bug

The new problem was deciding which Bull was Bull.
This problem was made more difficult by the fact that the new body with two
minds was rapidly becoming out-of-sync in the brainpan. The two thought
processes were starting to "echo" and the new Bull would quickly go insane.

IIRC the final plan called for the mindwiping of the new messed up brain.
A re-copy of the Wendi-Bull/Bull-digo to the Matrix, and then a final single
copy into the new clone body.
Bull's been OK since then, but every now and then he has to look over his
shoulder to be sure there's no one "following" him. ;-)

Steven A. Tinner - OEGM
" This is the work of the demon Finance!" - Crash, Wererhino

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