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From: scotthiller2002@*****.com (Scott Hiller)
Subject: Bulldog, part 2
Date: Wed, 8 Dec 2004 08:48:12 -0800 (PST)
I really must learn to proof-read before I het SEND.
Sorry, again! :-S

Anyway, Bulldog was sent by his Fixer to track down a
rogue Wolf Shapeshifter (Momaqui) in the Ute Rockies.
What's REALLY going on is it's a set-up by the False
Face Society to get Bulldog int othe Chicago CZ. They
want ot see what effects the Astral Environment has on
Adepts as they plan to attempt to take over the area
with squads of Sioux Wildcat Warrior Adepts of their
own just as the Pueblo took over L.A.

Also, late one night, one of Bulldog's neighbors, a
human Anglo woman named Janet Kellen, hires him to
find her son, an elf named Crìsdéan Searos Kellen
who's been in the Chicago Containment Zone for over 10
years. Grieving is an understatement of how she feels!
And she breaks down in tears as she's talking with
Bulldog. They talk in the comfort of her dining room.
Janet works for Community Medical Center in Missoula
and heads up the Paraneonatal Department, so she's got
the money to hire Bulldog. But what she DOESN'T tell
Bulldog is she's in desperate need to save her job! If
she doesn't come up with some amazing new way to
benefit the premature babies' health, then she's out
on her ear and will be forced back to the UCAS, CAS,
or CalFree, neither of which she wants to do since she
owns her own land here in the beautiful Salish-Shidhe
and has made many friends here. How this ties in with
her son is she has heard that since Haley's Commet, a
few people have shown the ability to withstand certain
Awakened viruses. Her son is the only one she feels
she can bring in and test for this. If she could
extract this ability from his genetic make-up, then
she would be able to benefit the newborns and keep her
job. But, the process would kill her son. So be it.

Bulldog is also hired by his employer to track down
and eliminate Changelings who have expressed certain
immunity defenses. This includes Crìsdéan Searos

So, Bulldog is torn between three jobs. Which one will
he choose?

What do you guys think? Anything need to be added to
the plot? Anything need to be changed? Anything that
doesn't make sense? Please let me know.

Thanks! :-)


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