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Message no. 1
From: MC23 <mc23@****.NET>
Subject: Re: Carttons trying to get back on subject (was - Re: Questions
Date: Wed, 8 Jan 1997 23:50:14 -0500
Steven A. Tinner wrote,
>To tie all this crap into SR, consider the possibilities.
>A - How about a team of teenage shadowrunners that drive about the
>countryside in a green hover van solving mysteries with their cybercur
>B - You could base a fun campaign on a Josie and th Pussycats style rocker
>group that gets into trouble wherever they travel.
>C - How about a run where a cabal of evil nages has actually discovered
>that you CAN trace everything back to a certain simsense star? Maybe he was
>a powerful sorcer in another life and the Azzies can sacrifice him for a
>powerful blood ritual?

I like how this one thinks.
- MC23, with that crazed gleam in his eye of an idea gone horribly
bezerk -

Ancient cultures believed that names held great power, personal
names more so and they were guarded very closely. To protect themselves,
they answered to another name, because if another discovered their real
name, it could be used against them.
History repeats itself.
Welcome to the Digital Age.
I am MC23

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