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Message no. 1
From: shadowrn@*********.com (Robert Landrigan)
Subject: CD Sourcebooks
Date: Thu Feb 28 01:45:00 2002
> Shadowrun Info wrote:
>> Ok, that leads us to the next question. Which would you rather see more:
>> a) the core rulebooks on CD, or
>> b) out of print sourcebooks on CD (and if so, which ones)?

I love a series of CD's with the OOP first, then perhaps a "Core Rules" cd
some time later with a character generator program, pdf character sheets,
etc. later. Say, 30-40$ bucks a CD, each containing 5-10 sourcebooks in a
theme...say, both Tirs, H and HB, and Elven Fire on one set, and an early
adventure set with Mercurial, etc...

The trick is getting a production amount that would make both sense and
money, pressing cd's can be cheap, but it's a volume thang, and having doen
PDF conversion, I agree w/ Adam, the initial design and production is
non-trivial. But whatever happens, I would hope that they are cross
platform, and not the TSR products which are painfully PC-biased.

Any idea of what the books are laid out in? Quark or Framemaker? Either can
be shot to PDF, but Framemaker is much, much easier...
Robert Landrigan

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