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Message no. 1
From: shadowrn@*********.com (shadowrn@*********.com)
Subject: CED's
Date: Fri May 25 09:55:01 2001
Damien wrote:
>Also, since the CED is supposed to interpret the skillsoft data better, then
>I can see no reason why it allows you to perform Cybertechnology 6 better
>than the person who helped encode it who had Cybertechnology 6. It _should_
>have a maximum limit that's the same as the real skill. It's a copy, and a
>less than perfect one at that, not an _improvement_. CED should just allow
>the copy to be used in a way more closely resembling the original. In other
>words, it should allow access to pool dice for those skills that should
>normally have such access. It shouldn't grant some pool that never exists

How about you make the CED's rating used as complimentary dice? (i.e. 2 comp.
successes = 1 normal success)

Just a thought...

Big Q

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