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Message no. 1
From: Chipeloi chipeloi@***.nl
Subject: Character concept question (shapeshifter warning)
Date: Tue, 23 Nov 1999 19:30:55 +0100
In the asylum, Ahrain Drigar whispered in the corridors:

first of i'm doing the best i can in english.

>one of my players was asking me if he could play a were type character.
> No not a shifter but a were type,
> half-wolf/half-man type.

wel i'm playing a shapeshifter

and as i see it a shapshifter in it self is realy powerfull
(regenaration power)
but to give it an human inteligents ?

A shapeshifter is an animal that canches into an human, so
it has an look at the world as an animal.

it wil react difrently to things that an "normal" caracter wil find
normal or would think of.
for exampel:

An shapshifter wil not think in an "military" way or consider his
options like an (meta)human it wil react like an animal in many

so to put an (meta)human behind an animal killing machine
it wil seriusly hurt your campain he wil think like an human and use
his powers to best sute him


the shapeshifter power is extremly powerful
this is what my gm(Gurth) did:

insteat that his wound heal compleetly
let him throw his essence ( 8 ) against his wounds
Like he takes a serius wound he would throw against an:
how many sucses is how many spaces it wil heal at the begining
of every turn

ok thats my whole banana's

and if you want more info about playing a shapeshifter(my side of
the story) just mail me.

>If you thought Chipeloi was crazy just wait till you meet me !

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