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From: What ? <MCM@***.BRIGHTON.AC.UK>
Subject: Classic Car list (long-ish)
Date: Wed, 1 Dec 1993 11:18:00 GMT
Here ya are folks, My group has long been bored of sad selection in the RBB.
So, I designed a few fancy ones. I have number of bike and other family type
cars. Unfortunately, I have no idea what cars drive around America today, so
most of the cars conversions are on cars that are on English roads. If someone
wants to send me a brief description of American cars then I might be able to
work something out.

Oh most of these are based on real cars in a mag I found at my dentist's, so
feel free to tweak them abit to your own games.

Have fun with them.


******************************CHOP 'ORF HERE**********************************

Article retreived from Classic Cars '54, issus 1398
>>>>>[Brought to the shadowfolks by Steamer. Dream on kids, and just ask
nicely :)]<<<<<

Name Mercedes "Mirage" Limousine

That unique Euro-styling and technical know-how are combine in this symbol of
classic power and grandeur we are so use to from Mercedes. Full conferencing
facilities have been installed to make this the most comfortable office on the
road, as well as one of the safest.

Handling Speed B/A Sig AP Cost Street Index
4/6 55/160 4/1 3 4 350,000 0.9
Seating Twin + Quad rear bucket seats
Access 2 standard + 2 double sized
Economy 25 km per liter
Fuel IC/300 litres
Storage 8 CF trunk + 2 CF underseat
Accessories Enviro Seal, Active suspension

>>>>>[In this baby, the ride so smooth ya think ya flyin'
-Scrapper( 14:32:32/11-05-54)

Name Ferrari "Ghost" 679

THE sport car of the 50"s. Unbelievable. Words can"t describe The Ghost.
Just Drive it .

Handling Speed B/A Sig AP Cost Street Index
3/5 110/300 3/1 3 4 650,000 10.0
Seating Twin bucket
Access 2 standard/open top
Economy 45km per liter
Fuel IC/105
Storage 2CF trunk
Accessories Active suspension, APPS, Roll bars,Anti theft system 10,
Racing steering controls, Enviro Seal

>>>>>[Mommy !*thud*]<<<<<

>>>>>[For all those out there who can't afford this but feel like test
someone else's DON'T ! The sec systems was designed by THE greatest Repogirl
there is. You have been warned.]<<<<<

Name Jaguar XXJ10

This big cat still rules the road. Surrounded by hand-tooled leather and
British steel, you can feel this predator power, held in check by English
workmanship. In commanding of a Jaguar, you too can be a Lord !

Handling Speed B/A Sig AP Cost Street Index
4/8 70/180 3/6 1 3 260,000 1.0
Seating 4 Bucket seats
Access 4 door standard
Economy 10 km per Litre
Fuel IC/50 litres
Storage 6 CF trunk
Accessories APPS, Enviro Seal

>>>>>[The Brit cops use these things on their motorways. They customise 'em
more speed and armour. The JagUs almost designed for a few nifty pop-up
turret mounts. Damn shame about fuel consumption though.]<<<<<
-Speed Trap(17:29:34/11-01-54)

Name Aston Martin "Whisper" G12P

A cool elegance, combined with graceful angles of a past era, the Whisper is
refinement. It's the quietest and most Envir-friendly car of it class on
the roads today.

Handling Speed B/A Sig AP Cost Street Index
4/8 80/250 2/3 2 3 250,000 1.2
Seating Twin bucket seats + bench
Access 2 standard
Economy 45 km per litre
Fuel IC/130 litres
Storage 4 CF trunk
Accessories APPS, Passive Aural Masking

>>>>>[Heh, get a ejector seat , wheel razors and a spinning number plate
don't forget the "golf clubs"]<<<<<
-Bond-ed Fan(00:70:00/11-03-54)

>>>>>[Amazing beast. Even the original owner didn't even hear it as it left

Name Porchse "Cannon Ball" 971

Following in the footsteps of it magnificent predessor, the 971 is a machine
worthy of the Porchse badge. It's one of the smallest and exciting sports cars
to date!

Handling Speed B/A Sig AP Cost Street Index
4/8 90/270 2/0 1 3 120,000 .7
Seating Twin bucket seats + bench
Access 2 standard/open top
Economy 25 km per litre
Fuel IC/100 litres
Storage 2 CF trunk
Accessories APPS, rollbars

>>>>>[ Nice and small, one troll cars]<<<<<
-Hub Henry(01:34:23/11-15-54)

>>>>>[I've heard the rollbars were added after one too many spin 'n' flips.
Watch it chummers, these may give ya speed but are a bit too light in high
winds and wet roads]<<<<<

Name BMW "VIP" 9000L

Thrown out those nasty cheap Fords and bring Style back to the streets ! Let
others stand and stare ! BMW has done it again. Protects itself and you from
the hazards of today

Handling Speed B/A Sig AP Cost Street Index
4/8 65/180 2/3 1 3 130,000 .7
Seating Front/rear twin bucket seats
Access 4 standard
Economy 40 km per litre
Fuel IC/70 litres
Storage 5 CF trunk
Accessories APPS, Anti theft system 4
Options 2 door convertible - Twin bucket seats, Roll bars

>>>>>[Fast becoming the Suit's Sunday car. If ya see some young joytype
a convertible, then it's some suit's bit on the side]<<<<<

Name Mazda "Commando" XV

For those not satisfied with tiny foreign imported sports car. The Mazda
Commando is a car built in UCAS, for UCAS demands. The big, solid strength of
this road warrior will cowl all comers. Even the biggest trolls have space to
spare in the Commando !

Handling Speed B/A Sig AP Cost Street Index
4/7 80/200 3/3 2 3 110,000 .6
Seating Twin bucket seats + bench
Access 2 standard/slide back
Economy 45 km per litre
Fuel IC/140 litres
Storage 4 CF trunk
Accessories APPS, Roll bars, Active suspension

>>>>>{ A chunky monster. This is for all those Sam's out there, alright.
often used for trips out, if you know what I mean] <<<<<
Message no. 2
From: "J.D. Falk" <jdfalk@***.GWU.EDU>
Subject: Re: Classic Car list (long-ish)
Date: Thu, 2 Dec 1993 01:02:47 -0500
Ooh, I love it! Just what we was looking for, and better! I
can't thank you enough!
(Sorry about the lack of content in this message, but sometimes
you just gotta scream praise.)


| J.D. Falk, Co-Founder, GRAB! Multimedia Productions |
| Silver Spring, Maryland jdfalk@*** |

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