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Message no. 1
From: William Pasqual Flint <claymoar@***.UMD.EDU>
Subject: Clearing the duel Smartlinks.
Date: Tue, 7 Sep 1993 19:00:07 -0400
I was asked by J Roberson to clarify my earlier posting.

I say when a character has a smartlink in each hand and using a smart weapon
in each hand, he/she doesn't get the -2 bonus(i.e. no smartlink bonus).

J Roberson also asked me to give my opinion in a character that has a smartlink
installed, does that person get one in each hand. NO. Another reason to
support this is by saying a character has a single arm replaced with a cyber
limb. I can't see it that a character with a single cyber limb can get two
smartlinks at a 0.25 essence cost compared to 0.5. I.E. a character with one
cyber limb with two smartlinks would have to pay 0.75 essence and not 0.5 or

If you need still more clarification, e-mail me personally.

-- $ Flint

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