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From: "Steven A. Tinner" <bluewizard@*****.COM>
Subject: Comic Books Source Material (was - Re: [OT] 5th Element - Maybe
Date: Mon, 12 May 1997 13:00:52 -0400
> Absolutely. I'm a big fan of "The Sandman" and "Hellblazer",
> anyone remember Matt Wagner's "Mage"?)

How about Zot? Or Grendel?
Does anybody remember Yummy Fur and Love and Rockets?

I used the character from Yummy Fur who had the face of Ronald Regan on his
.. ahem ... privates as an SR NPC once.
Got some odd looks from the players too! :-)

I've been thinking of a run using Captain Cadaver from the Elementals as an
SR vampire.
The preacher character who had stolen some cosmic power ... what was his
name? He'd be a good one too.

Jeremiah Surd from The New Adventures of Jonny Quest would also make a
GREAT SR villian!
An evil quadrapalegic decker who is looking for a host for a brain

Anbody else steal comics for Shadowruns?
Which ones?

Steven A. Tinner
"Keep 'em shiny!"

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