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From: Lady Jestyr <jestyr@*******.DIALIX.COM.AU>
Subject: Re: Converting Gurth (off Topic)
Date: Sat, 7 Dec 1996 10:29:08 +1000
> Get the Imperial sourcebooks... you can play stormtroopers (well, not the
> clones), and all that. Dedicated in the fight to maintain order and the
> just rule of law against the criminal Rebels spawning anarchy and causing
> unrest throughout the galaxy.
> Sorry, you still can't play a Lord of the Sith.
> (Actually, I found bounty hunters have the most fun...)

*giggle* *reminiscing*

I remember a certain Star Wars campaign we played - a friend played what
I dubbed the BBB - the Big Brave Bounty Hunter. On paper this character
looked great. In play; well, he couldn't hit the broad side of a barn
(guess he should have been a stormtrooper) and due to a lot of critical
failures he blew up *7* battery packs for his gun in a row... *sigh*

That was a fun campaign... :)

Lady Jestyr
(excuse lack of .sig, I'm using Netscape, so if this mail goes strange
blame them not me. :) )

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