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Message no. 1
Subject: Copyright, SR II books, and The deck.
Date: Mon, 5 Apr 93 21:37:22 CET

First the easy part - each person owns their characters.
The FAQ says this basically - you don't use someone elses character without

The hard part - what about adventures easy to hard
the flailed rescue of Highlander - IMHO would be owned by myself
as the writer, and those people whose characters I used
The successful rescue - same Idea- cept I have no part

The problem - the stuff in between with everyone looking
and trying to help out.

Both together - anyone who was really involved - including the
guy who compiled the ships in the harbor - gets a piece of the action.
They might not write the story but they own the characters.

The hard one - MONICA and Core Wars.

Robert owns Monica, Rufus, Howe, Yoshida, and SPlut (RIP)
along with others.

Robert I believe would also own the freeing of Rufus and
betrayal of Monica ( have to check the logs on this).

Robert would not own the multitude of parts in MagnaTech involving
DE and everybody under the sun. - their characters appeared it was
partly theirs

So what we have is a basicly unanswerable question about owner
ship of complex adventures. my opinion - don't both - its just
to hot a topic chummer.

SR II book hardcover.

I have heard that you can get a hardcover still (possibly)
if you are a member of KA-GE (thanks Rin).
I also know of one left at Patty's paperbacks in Indiana Pa.

I will look into C.O.D for sending it. Robert has first dibs
(please speak up if you are still interested)
it will be full price plus cost of shipping (i'm a very poor college

The deck

Well I'm not even going to touch this topic much for fears
of flames.

What this brought to my attention is a not so small descrepency
in response for decks

Response is MPCP/4 (round down) BUT......

the Decker (pg 51) and the elven decker (pg 54)

both have Fuchi Cyber - 4 (with response increase 2)

now a Fuchi 4 has a MPCP of 6
now since what ever grade 6/4 = 1.5 rounded down to 1
so it should be a one by MPCP/4

if you do MPCP / 3 rounded down
one would get 6/3 = 2 no rounding

Now the errata never fixed either of these things to my knowledge
(other wise I would have writen them in)

So there is a mistake one way or the other.

Now as to the response 4 on the deck with a 15 mpcp

well it would work with the MPCP/3 (it could be a 5)
And the GM let you have a 4 response

but not the MPCP/4 (still be 3 (wow do I love math spu's))

probably just wrote what everyone else
has been thinking but figured everyone
already knew so they didn't bother to
write it.

Daniel Waisley Lglumka@*** --------(-- IUP FENCING
SCA - Shire of Robledol, Households - Cryptic Demesne (fencing) + Brotherhood
of Agincourt (archery),
sorry for any bad grammer or spelling, etc. My mind works at 637
thoughts per minute, and my hands at 1.2 letters per second

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