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Message no. 1
From: Peter Coxon <coxoff@***.COM>
Subject: !!CORPORATE WAR!!
Date: Wed, 4 Dec 1996 19:57:21 UT
Shadowrun is a registered trademark of FASA (I think I have to do this but I
ain't taking risks)

The Year is 2054. The World has Changed some say Awakened.

You know the background, now you get to play the Big Badass Corps.

Okay rulez, this is how it goes. I am basically running the rules from the
back of Corporate Shadowfiles. Everything will be kept anonymous I will send
out PAR's and individual reports to each person. No one will know who in real
life own the other Corps. At the moment you can only own one. There will also
be Dummy corps run by me (muhahahahh The power!). The Corp Generation runs on
a point allocation system, I have set the value at 50 points (might change
later) you have:
AeroSpace, Agriculture,Biotechnology,Chemical, Computer Engineering, Computer
Science, Consumer Goods, Cybernetics, Entertainment, Finance, Heavy Industry,
Mystical Goods/Services, Military Technology, Service, Fiscal, Intelligence,
Management, Reputation, Sec. Magic, Sec. Matrix, Sec. Physical.
About alocation nothing except for Rep can be higher than the fiscal rating.
You also have to say the name of your Corp and your CEO a short discription
and possibly history.
I will be running it as a monthly thing ( that is in game time) It will rely
on every one getting there game turns i quickly.
Another possiblilty would be that when a shadowrun is set up we could run a
side campaign where on an IRC channel or something we could play it out to see
how it goes. but that won't happen until I get it all set up.
Well I think that that is about it. I await your corps...
Tim (ntoo)

PS. Send you replies directly to me, at Coxoff@***.com.

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