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Message no. 1
From: sp@*****.gr (Stefanos Patelis)
Subject: Corporations and war in SR (Light Hearted subject)
Date: Thu, 14 Apr 2005 14:18:34 +0300
I am not answering per se but I got an interesting news item I have been
mulling over my head :

Could this be in fact one of the first countries who will more or less
belong to a mega-Corp once the interent-lines are laid and under
usage... It will provide a great stream of cheap labour and whom better
to take advantage of it than the company who's been supporting this from
the beginning of the project and who knwos mayahps has invested some
money in it (40 million dollars project by the poorest of countries IS a
bit of an oddity) (Bear in mind I am not trying to start a flame war
about wether Cisco is the 'bad guy' or wether the internet will indeed
help Ethiopia by rasing the infromation and knowledge standards in a
country that has a 50% of its population not able to read and write).
Could this be another of the 'signs' that Shadowrunnign might be
nearer... ;-)

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