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From: Strago strago@***.com
Subject: Corp War (was Re: SR vs White Wolf's Mage)
Date: Tue, 13 Jun 2000 23:45:33 -0400
Shadowboy 88 wrote:

> I've not tried White Wolf, what's that like, and yes shadowrun came out in
> the late 80's with the first edition, I know I have that book, as well as
> the second. As for the third, well it wasn't all to much like shadowrun to
> me. I didn't like the fact that the corperate war ended but the shadow
> projects were still needed. It defeated the purpose of the original game in
> my opinion.

I don't think that the corp war existed from 2050 to 2057. I always understood
that corp war was when corps tried to destroy one another, while the situation
in those years, and in 2060, was corporate competition, where the corps jockeyed
to become number one. THAT's why the original game was made, and why
shadowrunners exist. They aren't around to bring down Fuchi, they are around to
steal personnel or materiel from Fuchi so Renraku can make a better deck than
Fuchi. That would boost sales and profits for Renraku, a far cry from ruining

> -Shadowboy88
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